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Make rings dangerous

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So there is that big gas giant planet with rings in KSP 2 and I thought it would be great challenge for there to be ring particles if you get close to the rings and you can hit them and it would destroy your ship or maybe if you slowed down enough you could grab one of them with the claw arm and literally steal a piece of the rings. there would be different size ring pieces depending on the thickness of the ring area they are in and some of the rings are different colors so the ring particles would correspond with the color of the ring they are located in. Thanks for reading my suggestion!

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It is confirmed that rings will have particles in them, from the trailers we have seen so far it looks like they are somewhere between 2 and 200 meters in diameter and are incredibly densely packed, making rings a real navigational obstacle and something that will completely wreck your ship if not planned right. 

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I’m sure the rings are randomly populated as you approach them so some Bradley Whitstance video video down the line will have a spacecraft fly through a ring that took 100 attempts to not collide with just to save a hundred m/s

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