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(1.7) [TAKING ORDERS,HIRING] Oxygen AeroSpace - No.1 In Space Geology


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Oxygen AeroSpace

No.1 In Space Geology

Hi, I'm Toby974, CEO of Oxygen AeroSpace. We specialise in all kinds of craft, whether it be manned rockets, planes, or even satellites, we aim to be the leaders in space technology. We also used specialist mods in order to create craft designed to help map out the solar system and Kerbal. Today, we will give you the oppourtunity to look and invest in our specialist crafts. Unless stated, we always use the ISA MapSat for mapping purposes, and MechJeb for Navigation purposes. For images please go to:



Asgard KerbalSat

The Asgard KerbalSat was the first satellite developed by Oxygen AeroSpace. It's main purpose is to map the whole of Kerbal, in order to help future missions. It is suggested to use a polar orbit (i.e. head north/south) at either an apoapsis of 85km or an apoapsis of 120km, dependant on how much you want to warp. We use state of the art NERVA Engines for efficiency, and Solar Powered Ion Engines, meaning that this satellite has "unlimited" power. The Asgard KerbalSat is equipped with the following extra mods/plugins:

NovaPunch Remix Pack - Unmanned Module Only

Electricity Plugin + VB Parts


Affinity 1

The Affinity 1 is our first ever 3 Man Rocket. This rocket is designed for ease of use, and is able to get into Kerbal Orbit with ease. It also has enough fuel for a return and a safe landing. This rocket is only designed for Kerbal Orbit - Please do not attempt for interplanetary or lunar travel. The Affinity 1 is also packaged with a stock version without any mods whatsoever.


Chrysalis 1

The Chrysalis 1 is a 3 man spaceplane designed to map out the area around the KSA Area, as well as for small to medium haul flight, and is powered by 4 High Atmospheric Jet Engines which are cooled down to prevent overheating. Comes with two parachutes to assist landing, and is also packaged with a stock version.

Xperion 1

The Xperion 1 Is a 1 Man Spaceplane with the same purpose as the chrysalis one, except it is designed more for short haul flight, and is powered by Two High Atmospheric Jets. This is a good plane for learner flyers, as, due to its' starting angle, takes off with only full throttle. It is also packed with a parachute and decoupler attached to the plane, which means that an emergency cockpit ejection (ECE) is viable. The plane also packed with another parachute for landing (Note: The Landing Parachute opens first, so press the spacebar three times in order to activate the ECE.). Comes packaged with a stock version.

Electric Lightning 1

The Electric Lightning 1 is a tribute to the "English Electric Lightning", a real life plane that was originally a fighter jet for the RAF, which can reach the height of the atmosphere on earth - and has also had one special passenger before, to the name of Professor Brian Cox! The Electric Lightning 1 follows a similar design to the English Electric Lighting, and has one high atmosphere jet engine. This plane is currently available in a stock version.

Hercules 1

"I might be insane, but kerbus christ this plane is mad. It's certainly on par with my insanity!" - Jebediah Kerman

Based on the design of the Electric Lightning 1, the Hercules 1 is powered by a toroidial aerospike rocket engine. Yep, that's why Jebediah Kerman loves this plane. It can reach 110km (110,000m) high - High enough to go into space! This plane is literally a spaceplane!

Flight Instructions for Hercules 1 (Yep, it's that dangerous xP)

Firstly, you want to go full throttle, and immediately pull up (the plane cant take off by itself). Remember to jettison the front wheel by pressing space (this will be explained why later) If you want height, pull up to almost vertical, give or take 5 degrees (the 5 degrees can help with directing the craft, as tilting without thrust wont move the craft). The rocket will burn out before you get even close to the 100-110km area, but dont worry, it should still get there. You might want to move the craft into the return phase at this point - this is done by pointing the craft downwards (although not directly down). When you begin to enter the atmosphere (50km - 60km), keep trying to pull up. You wont however pull up until very late - so you'll have to persevere. At around 6km (which is quite low), you should begin to pull up to level, but nothing past that (thats why you jettison the wheel!). You should slow down to that of landing speed (40 m/s), with landing just like normal. Landing parachutes are provided - use them when you are on the ground or very close to it, else your plane will immediately go down. If you think your going to hit the ground at any point, press space until you decouple the cockpit from the plane, and then activate the parachutes.

Hiring and Orders:

We are currently looking to hire! We are looking for experienced KSP Engineers, as well as a receptionist to take orders. We are only taking on one receptionist, but we are always open for engineers. Please post on this thread your username (or name if desired), the mods you can use (if applicable), and an example craft with a craft file, and, if possible, and image.

We are currently taking orders! If you want to place an order, please state your specifications. We currently only use the following mods fully (subject to change):


ISA MapSat

Electricity Plugin + VB Parts

Please note: An email may be neccesary in order to send you your request. When you recieve a reply from either me or our receptionist, you may be asked to send an email address. This will be done via PM, and we will not abuse your email to any extent.

Download Information:

To save on attatchment space, you download a WinZip file containing all of the craft we make. If your only after a specific craft, only extract that craft. If you want all the stock craft, extract all of the craft marked with (Stock). The pack will be updated regularly with new content.

Mod Links:

ISA MapSat: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/9396-0-17-ISA-MapSat-Satellite-mapping-module-and-map-generation-tool-v3-3-0?highlight=MapSat

MechJeb: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/12384-PLUGIN-PART-0-17-Anatid-Robotics-MuMech-MechJeb-Autopilot-v1-9-2?highlight=mechjeb

NovaPunch Remix Pack: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/3870-0-16-NovaPunch-Remix-Pack-1-3-Beta-(Sept-7th)-Compatible-with-0-17?highlight=Novapunch+Remix+Pack

Electricity Plugin and VB Parts: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/10094-0-16-Electrical-Energy-Plugin-v1-4-%28Aug-15%29

I hope you have enjoyed our presentation.



CEO Of Oxygen AeroSpace.

P.S. If someone could tell me how to make images bigger, that would be great, as I already have a company logo!

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New Planes :D
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We are still looking for orders and new employees! Please check us out, as we are all experienced KSP users and will always attempt to fulfill your order. If we can't, we'll give you our next best thing!

We are also looking for new employees! Please post on this thread if your interested!

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I'd like to place an order for a Mun/Minmus capable ship that can send Dragon Rider Pod into orbit and land using Mechjeb. Preferable, this ship will touch down near Mun/Minmus Bases and shuttle a large number of crewman back and forth.

Also, a Mun/Minmus orbital rocket capable of sending colony parts (such as ExPI's Station parts and CrewTanks) would be amazing. I can handle the decent stage for these custom parts, but I need a rocket with a large enough hull that I can fit a 2-3 meter diameter by 10 meter tall object in it. The general idea is to place these parts into orbit, land, and then use wheels to move them into docking formation.

Also, a minimalist design for an un-manned atmospheric probe/beacon that can land on the surface of a planet would be amazing. This would allow us to study the planet's atmosphere for future aerobreaking technologies.

Any of these rockets will greatly aid in the understanding of the geology of the neighboring planets. :D

Warm Regards,


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Hey the name's laserboy369. I'm good at making planes, not so much at making spacecraft. oHu4O Here's an image of my re-creation of an F/A18E Super Hornet, the most stable and well-maneuverable craft I've ever made. Still can't find out how to post craft files. I the mods I can work with are basically any that I can download.

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