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1.12.2 - a little rant about the Inventory System


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I'm guessing that 1.12.2 is the final, final, last ever update to v1, yes? That's a shame. Because I've just encountered an infuriating bug that made me want to eat my own eyeballs.

I had a repair mission to do around the Mun, repair a satellite. So I loaded a ship, clicked the Cargo icon  in the VAB and  edited the Engineer's inventory so that he was carrying 4 repair kits, instead of a parachute. I then saved the ship and launched. I got to the Mun, rendezvous'd with the satellite, and put my Engineer on EVA. Only to find that his backpack inventory had reverted  to default - a parachute and an RCS pack, instead of 4 repair kits and an RCS pack.

You may be thinking I didn't actually save my changes to the ship. I thought so as well. So I loaded the ship again in the VAB, edited the Engineer's inventory to include 4 repair kits, but this time I added 4 repair kits to the Lander Can's inventory as well. I saved the ship, and launched. I checked the ship on the pad, to discover that while the Kerbal's inventory had  indeed been changed back to default, the 4 repair kits I had put in the Lander Can were still there.

So...it looks like the game doesn't save any changes you make to a Kerbal's backpack inventory in the VAB. Either that or I'm doing something wrong. But all I did was open the top Cargo menu icon in the VAB, and drag-n-drop the repair kits into the inventory from the Cargo side menu.

If there aren't going to be any more patches for v1 then this bug report is a little pointless. But I just wondered if I was going crazy or if others had found the same thing.

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As per the 1.12.2 announcement, the devs left the door open for minor bugfix releases. It doesn't seem like a priority right now with KSP2 in the works, but it's possible that sometime in the future there'll be one last bugfix update.

On 8/3/2021 at 10:00 AM, UomoCapra said:

Even though we still may release a minor patch here and there when needed...



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