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The Library. A mostly complete list of mission reports.

Admiral Fluffy

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We all have read some great KSP stories. I, finding a disappointing lack of a compilation of these, and have decided to make one myself. 
Please let me know if I have missed any, and I will include them. I will also be including links to all of the reports mentioned at the end of this post. Additionally, I will be updating this list as I read them.

First off, we have  The Saga of Emiko Station by @Just Jim.
Being 100 chapters in length, it would take you quite a while to read, but it is worth it. Even won the Thread of The Year award! Very nice storytelling too.

It tells the saga of Emiko Station, a base on an asteroid in Kerbin orbit.

Second, are The Kerbfleet graphic novels by @Kuzzter.

There are 3 of them, the last being not-quite finished. They are also all very good, and I recommend them, if you are looking for a shorter one. 
They tell the story of Kerbfleet, and their various endeavors.

Third, is Plan Kappa by @Parkaboy.

Unfortunately, this is likely to never be finished, as the last update was in 2017.

It tells the story of the impending destruction of Kerbin, and the results of that destruction.


Fourth, are 2001, a space absurdity and The year we make kontakt by @purpleivan.

They are kerbal versions of 2001 and 2010, with both being finished.

Fifth, is Forgotten Space Program by @Cydonian Monk.

It is ongoing, but nobody knows when the next post is going to be. Has a fair amount of stuff already posted too.

Tales the tale of the space program after a mysterious halting of the space program. 

Sixth is Into the Snarkiverse by @jimmymcgoochie.

Recently finished, it was started when his graphics card broke.

It is about a space program getting back on its feet after an anomaly rearranged the planets. 


List of reports.


Emiko Station


Plan Kappa

Space Absurdity and The year we make kontackt.

Forgotten Space Program



Stuff I plan to read.




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I've got a couple more if you're interested @Admiral Fluffy


This one is in progress, about 60%, done and I've got the rest of the chapters mapped out, but it's been on hiatus for quite a while (sounds of hurridly checking my last posting date). April 13th 2020... ouch.

I promise I'll finish this... sometime... pinky swear.


This is complete and starts out as a fairly straight forward mission report, but gets more story like as it progresses. It's also very long, with lots of pics... plus boats!


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Not exactly mission reports, but surely two of the best things I've ever read on these forums:

It hasn't been finished (yet?), but still, absolutely worth reading.


First part of a trilogy, the first two parts are complete, the third one is still in process. I thing the "Something of the Kraken" is my favourite thing around here, have read it multiple times :) Beware, this comes with some serious reading time, it's properly long :) 


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