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Gemini Home Entertainment Planet Pack?


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This is a follow up on my post suggesting a mod turning KSP into a horror game. In that post I linked some videos from the youtube analogue horror series; Gemini Home Entertainment in the first video linked a space probe similar to Voyager called Crusader 5 visits the planets Jupiter Saturn and Neptune and as it passes it each planet it encounters strange objects such as moons sighted once and never seen again and moons of Jupiter and Uranus that don't even exist. I'm not gonna spoil the final planet encountered go watch the video yourself and go watch the entire series because it is a great series and its still going. Anyway I don't know how to mod but I thought somebody could take the planets and moons from GHE and "kerbalize" them. it would be compatible with OPM obviously because there are moons of Saturn and Uranus. They could be situated on the outer edges of their planetary systems maybe in elliptical inclined orbits just to make them more creepy. The final planet would make strange things happen to your game, this creepy planet has its own moons you could land on. Maybe add a custom moon not from any of the videos just for fun maybe another creepy moon for Neptune. Thanks.

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