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Remote Probe Control



I am trying to control a probe core with a pilot in a nearby lander can.  It appears that my understanding of the mechanics of remote probe control is not even remotely accurate.

Here's the components I tried at first, which didn't work:

  • Mk2 Lander Can, with a 5-star Pilot.  No antenna.  Second crew member is an Engineer.
  • RC-001S Probe Core (1.25 m flat one..), no antenna.
  • Neither vessel is in range of Kerbin, which is why I'm trying remote probe control.
  • Neither vessel has an antenna, because I assumed the internal antennas would work at close range.
  • The range is very short, the vessels will be within 1 km of each other when I need to remotely control the probe.

I had assumed that a Pilot in a nearby capsule (within antenna range) could control a probe core remotely.  I think I'm missing something, but not sure what.

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Have a look at the relevant wiki page: Probe Control Point

On the controlling ship you always need a relay-type antenna, i.e. either the HG-5, or one of the RA-... antennas. And when using the Mk2 lander can then you need at least two pilots on the ship.

If you are close enough then you can indeed use only the internal antenna on the controlled probe.

P.S. I actually have never used that feature myself: I always found it easier to build a relay network that gives a connection back to the KSC.

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1 hour ago, Scarecrow71 said:

I thought probe cores needed LOS to Kerbin, either through direct contact or through relay antenna?

I’m starting to think that may be the case.  I was thinking that a nearby pilot could remotely control a probe core if it was close enough.  I’m finding I have partial control of the probe core- I can activate the SAS modes.  But I can’t control pitch/roll/yaw, haven’t checked throttle yet.

It’s not critical, I’m trying to get a grand tour going, and I can just change the game settings to allow probe control.  Actually, even just the partial probe control will work fine.  I just thought a nearby pilot could get full control of a nearby probe core.

Again, it’s obvious that I do not have a good understanding of how that game mechanic works..

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I think you need a small relay antenna on the control ship. I know you said they were close but I’d still have a small commutron on the probe.


Also the wiki says you need two pilots in the can.   I’ve only done this with larger ships using the cupola with one pilot.  

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12 minutes ago, AHHans said:

I actually have never used that feature myself: I always found it easier to build a relay network that gives a connection back to the KSC.

I'm in the same situation.  I normally litter the universe with relay satellites before sending Kerbals.  A few of the challenges I'm (trying) to participate in encourage each mission to be self-contained, so my usual dust-cloud of satellites isn't available.

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