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FASA Craft File Rebuilds


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Just something I've been tinkering with in my spare time, and hopefully a Thanksgiving treat for some: a collection "rebuilt" FASA craft files, that work with the version of FASA I've got running on 1.12, which seem to at least get around the loading problems from the old FASA craft files floating around, that I've found or used from old KSP versions.





You'll note that many of these parts look "chromey"—that's thanks to Textures Unlimited and Magpie Mods, but needed a bit of fiddling to make work—you'll have to, if I remember my workflow right, trim out the (no longer functional) ReflectiveShaderModule code out of the FASA part that needs to be shiny, and remove the entry from the Magpiemods/TU_Cfgs/FASAlite.cfg for the FASA parts that you DON'T want to be shiny, or as you see, you'll get a gleaming mirror sheen on the parts that are painted white, and a dull gloss at best on the parts that are supposed to be gleaming chrome.

I haven't bothered to do this on all the FASA parts personally I use, yet, and leave that as an exercise for others to try, themselves.

These craft files also include a Saturn V with a CSM/LEM stack—IIRC, the later versions of FASA dropped this, for various reasons, and I think I imported it back into my own setup from an old copy, so those Craft files might not work on other people's install. So, I've included subassembly files of the "guts" of a Saturn V and Nova from the sections aft of the LEM attachment, so you can puzzle around and cobble together a substitute LEM, if you need or see fit.

Also, the Big G parachutes are, it seems, totally inadequate for a survivable landing. I've been having some luck replacing them with KNES paraglider chutes, personally, but I'll leave that to other people to try for themselves, or get used to bailouts or expendable Kerbonauts.


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3 hours ago, Jack Wolfe said:

Oh indeed, I think I've had that installed for almost or just as long as FASA, I'm just a sucker for the classics...or a stubborn old cuss who doesn't like change. Either-or. ;)

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