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Jorb- Mission to Jool


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Mission report of my Jool mission on my JNSQ sandbox save


i also made a flag so uhh



it's a bit scuffed because i rescaled it a lot, but the in-game flag is fine. I also meant for it to say joovian but it was 5 AM so i forgot and now it's already exported lol


I'll give updates on the Mission here once I launched it, and when any important events happen with it.

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So I launched the mission and here are some screenshots

this is the Titan IVB with a centaur T upper stage launching the probe.I picked the same rocket that launched Cassini, since the year 2001 fits more to that era, than if I launched it on an Atlas V.




Here's the Spacecraft on its way to jool after it detached from the Centaur that completed the escape burn/Jool injection.



Now these screenshots definitly aren't the best ones I've taken so far, I'm pretty sure it was a lot because of the lack of lighting. I will try to make the next screenshots much more pretty. I'll also be posting mission reports from my soon to exist career save so yea

Also since I imported the mission Flag in a wrong way, the patch has been expanded into an oval and is now very w i d e


thanks for looking at this thing and bye!


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