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RocketLab Neutron in Realism Overhaul


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Make a functional replica of this beauty.

Please use Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System.
Try to match the specifications as closely as possible

  • Height 40 m
  • Diameter 7 m
  • Fairing Diameter 5 m
  • Payload To LEO (reusable)  8 t
  • Payload To LEO (expendable) 15 t
  • Lift Off Mass 480 t
  • Stage number: 2
  • Reusable first stage
  • Propellant: Liquid Oxygen and Liquid methane

I’m not sure if it’s possible to make reusable fairings. If not, expendable fairings are OK.

Your replica should be able to reach orbit and land its first stage. You don’t have to do both things simultaneously.



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I built it in stock, with appropriate balancing:

It works all right. One of the issues is that since you can't close the fairing (and you really kinda need it for the aerodynamics), you have to use the "decouple inside the fairing and warp out" trick, which only works outside of the atmosphere, which means you have to wait until you're outside of the atmosphere to separate and boostback.

I may try to do something with a telescoping piston as a way to separate it inside the atmosphere -- push it through the fairing, decouple, then retract the piston.

I also had issues with it wanting to go nose-down on re-entry. Maybe clipping some extra tanks near the bottom will help.

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