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[1.12*]Watermel00n's Simple Gas Planet Maker (kopernicus planet kit)


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DISCLAIMER: This is not a planet pack. This is an add-on requiring Kopernicus to make your own Gas Planet.


Watermel00n's Simple Gas Planet Maker features:

- 4 included gas giant textures with included normal map

- 5 ring textures

- Included Guide

Download: Spacedock

Need help? Want more textures? You can... ask.

Happy planet making.

License: MIT

and something for those who don't want any gas planets.(joke)


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Making gas giants is easy sure, but deleting things are one of the eastest thing you can do, no need to make a whole plugin for it

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20 minutes ago, Rutabaga22 said:

Bouta add a hot jupiter to the kerbol system


never mind can't figure it out, It won't let me save the config

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15 hours ago, Watermel00n said:

You can't save files in the zip download. Take the files out first, then edit the template. Press Save, not save as.

Ok, I will do that

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