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A selection of my KSP gaming adventures...


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I've been playing KSP, off and on, for quite some time (since 1.03 or thereabouts), but only in the past two years have I been documenting the semi-highlights on YouTube.

For those who want to see all of it, here's a playlist of everything Kerbal I've posted there, beginning with my earliest (and clunkiest) KSP vid series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjK6u7OCkMCcWHT6JZ6bPOzJg2TPdT0C2

Here's a list of my favorites from the playlist:

And here's the most recent, which is itself a sequel to the "KSC Rover Rally" video I did:

Coming soon: my adventures in Super Hard Mode (1.12 Career Mode, CSI Tech Tree and cosmetic mods, 50% money/science/rep rewards, no quicksaves/reverts/kerbal respawns).


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And my first posting of my current Career Mode run using a modded tech tree, with science, money and reputation rewards set to 50% and no quicksaves or reverts.


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