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What do What do you think about compulsory vaccinations for COVID-19


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What do you think about compulsory vaccinations for COVID, or are they just not an increase in the shadow economy? I remember with my dad (who died in 2002) we watched the material that Skatebroding was banned in Norway, my dad noticed that you can earn money from such a ban



Because my dad told me that as he was a printer by profession, during the communes in Poland, he did not make bad money by printing "not entirely legal books" for Solidarity ;-)

It's was mainly such author like Lermontov,  Sacharov., Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and off course Big bad boy George Orwell 

It was so called "Samizdat "

samizdat | Soviet literature | Britannica

Samizdat - Wikipedia




That he was earning a second salary thanks to nice American gentlemen from the CIA: D

When we watched a program on Eurosport about the development of skateboarding in Norway, that in the 1980s it was a forbidden sport because their moms decided that it was a sport too heavenly for "good children", dad said that he was printing forbidden books under communism, because if the loveing government would forbid it something it's always the best money to get paid for it.


That if he had been a Norwegian and not a Pole in the 1980s, he would have dealt with banned skateboards, since the idiots from the government themselves create an outlet for him, only a retard would not take advantage of it.


And here arises my question: how the government tells us to vaccinate with the 101st dose, who normal will not get a fake certificate of vaccination for COVID-19

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