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Community Planet Pack


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This project's goal:

Create a monument to the KSP Community, A star cluster made entirely by members of the community.


  • Every User May submit a maximum of 2 Planets and 4 Moons per month
  • Stars are Pre-Placed,  But you may request a star type to be added, stars will be added as systems fill up
  • Be Kind, Everyone is at a different experience level, so please do not act in  a way that is only meant to hurt the feelings of others, or pointless complaining/insulting of another's work
  • Help Others, If someone is asking for help, help them if you can, if you cannot, refer them to someone who can
  • For a submission you must include within the Zip File : Your Planet Configs, Your Planet's Heightmap, And Your Planet's ColorMap, Normals can also be provided, but if not, will be produced as implementation occurs, You need to make the planet.
  • Make it interesting, the more varied the submissions, the better, if you have some amazing idea, do it, we will get a spot to place it.

Every Person who submits a planet/moon will get credit for their work, All Usernames will be placed within the mod
DO NOT take configs, parts of configs, or maps from other mods, if we find out it is stolen, you will be removed from the contributors list and the planets in question will be removed

Systems - Systems will be set up as planets are suggested, and will be filled out below as it goes on, upon completion of a system, it will be released, Systems will have 3-5 planets and 6-10 moons

Lelon - An F7V Star About halfway through it's life

Maldos A-B - A Close binary between a G3V Star and a M0V Star, Planets orbit both stars at once

Blubol - A singular K4V Star, Habitable zone is closer to the star as a result.
>Retol - 1000 km gas dwarf orbiting Blubon at around Duna's orbit - ffx
            >Oloa - 250 km Duna like moon but its colored minty blue from rusted copper - ffx
            >Gul - 19 km marron astroid - ffx

Planets will be placed within these systems, As Systems fill up, more will be added to make more space, the more systems, the better.
If this goes well, and we make it to 10+ systems, we will continue both development of this, and a follow up with the improved skills of everyone involved.

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Taking ideas from KSP2 for a second, a rocky planet very close to its parent star, with a Tylo-like mass and size, but also with high rotation speed, to the point that landing at the equator would be trivial in terms of dV needed. No moons.

A planet with an atmosphere, also close to its parent star. The kicker would be how puffed up the atmosphere is, making the pressure at sea level comparable to half what Kerbin has, but with a higher limit around 250km.

I'll detail the entries more when I have the time after work.

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Retol - 1000 km gas dwarf orbiting Blubon at around Duna's orbit
            Oloa - 250 km Duna like moon but its colored minty blue from rusted copper
            Gul - 19 km marron astroid
Ideas for my submission

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Yes, you can also add moons to other people's planets, no planet will have more than 3 however

But just going to say, Star systems will be altered based on if a system has a similar planet.

(so for example, no star system will have more than 1 habitable world, maybe 2 if they are moons)

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Btw, you would actually get something more like a comet tail instead of a ring

8 hours ago, Watermel00n said:

Sure! But can you add moons to someone else planet?


Raedos: A gas planet so close to Lelon it burns up, creating a ring around Lelon


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Idea: a planet with a big, procedural cave system with tunnels roughly circular, 3-5m in diameter, covering the whole planet, with some holes at the surface to enter the caves.

Issue: vessel reloaded after time warp or switching or from Tracking Station will be on the surface, because of the way KSP handles landing or something in the like; it works for landing beneath a building. I don't, however, know if it works for the planets. I'll try some experiments on Tylo, because it has caves.

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You need to make the planets, as per the rules, however, we can't do this, due to it potentially causing lag,  but feel free to make anything you want otherwise

So any planet you want in here is best made by YOU

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Hmm... I have another idea. A gas planet with big blocks of ice/rock moving all around the planet in different directions, i.e one will circle the planet eastwards and another from north to south, and they occasionnally flip around so you'll need a ground anchor for your bases.

Issu: lag, also would be nearly impossible due to the way KSP handles planets.

P.S: These ideas are purely inspirationnal, I'm not really good at doing planets. Maybe I'll do them, maybe not.

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