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Help with small rockets

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I've played KSP for about a year now and have always had problems with small rockets even with the vector engine's gimble it seems to flip around the 20Km mark, I've added wings and tried everything to keep it from flipping but nothing seems to work. If anyone has tips to keep them from flipping that would be really helpful. 

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38 minutes ago, Vanamonde said:

Got pics of your rockets? 

Also, welcome to the forum. :

I don't really use small rockets, so I don't have any pictures of them but the size I have Issues with are the F1-T and the F1-TX and the Oscar. if you need pictures I can see if I can find some.

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1 hour ago, Nerbal The Second said:


this might show you the picture or it wont idk

Yes, that worked. 

Hmm. I don't see any obvious problem, though I would advise using 4 fins instead of 3 for better steering. It looks like quite a reasonable build, though. I wonder if your problem might be steering too hard. Try turning more gently and using one the engines with a smaller gimbal range. I know it sounds like the Vector's wider gimbal range should give it more control, but actually it can over-correct and swing the ship around in a way that's hard to control. 

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That rocket image looks reasonable. Flipping problems can be caused by too much drag near the nose, but it looks like you have a good design with what seems to be a parachute, capsule, heat shield, decoupler, followed by your rocket stack. Your find are at the back where they belong.

It's not a very big rocket, so maybe the Vector is too much thrust and causing excessive acceleration. Even a streamlined rocket will get a lot of drag at the nose if going too fast in the low atmosphere. What's your TWR at liftoff? (if you don't know how to check, click the "///" for stage 2 near the lower-right corner of your screen image.)


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