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Space Mouse Compatibility

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To those who are unfamiliar, the 3DConnexion Space Mouse is this unique six degree of freedom mouse that allows three axes of rotation and three of translation through manipulating a joystick-type thing. From what I've read from several years-old forum posts, the compatibility KSP 1 has with the Space Mouse is crusty at best. I think it would be really cool for KSP 2 to have native support for RCS translation and rotation as well as attitude control in flight using these from the get go. I know Space Mice© are uber proprietary and support would be enshrining this one highly specific company and all that, but c'mon. The Rocinante uses them as her main controls.





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On 1/20/2022 at 3:19 PM, Fullmetal Analyst said:

go home with ur adverts lol

Hey, every word I've heard says these things aren't great. But they literally do have a monopoly on 6dof controllers like this. Like I said, I'm not trying to shill for them.

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Oh crap, I found something better!

There's been a recent kickstarter for a 6DoF joystick by a group called Sublight Dynamics, and it looks far superior for the application of flying. From what I've read, it's easier to avoid having motions bleed into different axes and you get a better range of travel. Last we heard from these guys was a few months ago, so it doesn't seem like they're vaporware or a scam or anything. I would expect this to easily integrate with joystick controls, so long as RCS translation can also be assigned to analog axes.



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