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10 minutes ago, Kerb24 said:

Thank you! This is the first badge I have gotten on the KSP forums. I do, however want a few more. I will do another submission to this challenge in the future.

I'm willing to provide!

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My full Apollo 11 recreation in KSP:

Couple of notes:

1. As stated before I went to Tylo rather than the Mun. It turns out that the full Saturn V stack that you can make with the Breaking Ground parts is a much better fit, delta-v wise, for Tylo than the Mun.

2. I've tried to recreate every rocket engine on the Saturn V as accurately as possible. All retro-rockets and ullage motors are present, as well as the S-IVB Auxiliary Power System. Orientation of the entire craft is accurate, including all rocket engines and the LM inside its payload fairing. Launch escape system is functional, both for routine jettison and for pad and in-flight aborts.

3. I've had to do several circularization burns at Tylo rather than the single one done historically because the TWR of my CSM is quite low. I've had to use a NERV engine as SPS to get enough delta-v without having to clip fuel tanks together.

4. The landing profile is quite accurate, including the face-up maneuver. That maneuver was done in the real mission so that the astronauts had the best possible view of their landing zone.

5. Tylo surface operations are accurate, albeit shortened. In particular, placements of the flag and science package are accurate, as is the orientation of the lander and the local time of day. I have more footage of surface operations, including several panorama shots and inspection of the LM landing gear as they were performed historically, but that would have made an already long video even longer.

6. While doing research for this mission I found that when the CSM and LM were docked, they were rotated 60 degrees with respect to each other. This was done so that the astronauts could easily do an EVA from CSM to LM and vice versa in case the docking tunnel could not be used. This was tested on Apollo 9 but never used on any of the Moon missions.

7. The parachutes are accurate, both in their number (2 drogues, 3 main chutes) and their locations inside the forward compartment.

8. I did not use any gravity assists, even though that saves a considerable amount of delta-v when going to Jool and Tylo. I figured that since the real Apollo 11 did not use any fancy maneuvers, I shouldn't either.

9. I included a cameo by Luna 15, the Soviet robotic probe that was launched simultaneously with Apollo 11 and that was intended to retrieve some samples of Moon rocks. However, Luna 15 crashed on the Moon while Neil and Buzz were on the surface.


My Apollo 11 replica in the VAB. Cost: $220 959; Mass: 561.069 tons; Number of parts: 212.

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1 hour ago, Akagi said:

@QF9E what did your Luna 15 look like?

You really don't want to know... It's not an accurate depiction at all, and I used the cheat menu instead of a Proton rocket ;).



"Luna 15". I know, I know ...


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Just now, QF9E said:

You know, I was actually thinking about it. I also have a prototype Venera 11 that can actually land on Eve without a parachute, like the real one did. We'll see.

Try it!

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39 minutes ago, Akagi said:

@QF9E areo drag, amirite?

For Venera? Yup. Only problem is that the density of the atmosphere on Venus is quite a bit higher than on Eve. So it's not as easy as just making a Venera replica - if you do it will crash. I have had to clip 24 basic fins in there to make it work.

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I completed Luna 16. Not the Luna 15 mission that featured in my Apollo 11 video as that one crashed on the Moon. It turns out to be really difficult to model the Ye-8-5 lander accurately in KSP, as the spherical, toroidal and "baguette" tank only exist in a single size. With the Tweakscale mod this could have been quite a bit more detailed, but I wanted to make an unmodded version. My lander lacks the additional drop tanks that the real one had as I was unable to fit these inside the payload fairing.


Quick and dirty Proton / Ye-8-5 lander replica in the VAB.


On the launchpad


Luna 16 lander in Munar orbit


Landed on the Mun. I should have added some additional RCS thrusters (like the real one had) because this one turned out to be surprisingly hard to land. I almost did a Luna 15 (crash) or Luna 23 (toppled over on landing, can still be seen lying on the lunar surface).


Liftoff from the Mun. It is surprisingly hard to get good technical drawings of the Ye-8-5 lander, but this comes close to the image of the ascent stage I found on a postage stamp.


Back at Kerbin, on re-entry trajectory


Landed on Kerbin. I landed on the side of a mountain, and this thing rolled down for a couple of minutes before coming to rest.

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Congrats! Second badge!


4 hours ago, Falcon 09 Andy said:

Hello, in October of last year I made a Kerbal special for the 64th anniversary of the launch of Sptunik

What's cost, weight, and parts? I need them for the leaderboard.

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1 hour ago, 4D4850 said:

I think I'll try to do an 'Above and Beyond' Venera 11 mission this weekend. It'll be my first trip to Eve in KSP. 


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