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Times 2.5 scale option

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I would also love this as the e balance feels much better (but I understand the scale for new players). Several issues though. First, if you want a harder set of planets, there are harder planets that are already in the game. An alternative to rescaling the Kerbol system  is to allow players to start in a more difficult environment. This does deprive you of a balanced kerbolar experience though. Second thing, the same argument that applies to adding RSS applies here. The work is much less, but to get consistent experience the devs need to create a framework to make terrain work at larger scales, adding more terrain instead of having a lower definition larger surface. They could do this but chances are that it will be lower quality than expected and will deter modders from implementing their own solutions, which could be as good as the stock one. 

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hmm, i see ur point... lets see what the devs think abt it


1 hour ago, t_v said:

An alternative to rescaling the Kerbol system  is to allow players to start in a more difficult environment

The opposite would work, putting the new player on a duna-like planet with roughly stock 3400 m/s to orbit, even in x2.5 scale

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4 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

Have the developers announced what the stock scales will be in KSP 2?

Yes. It's said in the very beginning after the game was announced. The Kerbol system is not changing, just an art pass. I'm thinking it was the interview with ShadowZone where Nate answered the scale question.

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Not in itself a silly idea, but...

One big downside to just 'scaling up' is that EVERYTHING gets scaled up and can look out of proportion when a Kerbal is present.  Hills would be 2.5x  higher, rivers 2.5x wider etc.

It  could also look 'low resolution' as a result.  Move 2.5x closer to your screen and you'll get the idea.

To fix all that would take a LOT of work.



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