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The Two-Face Planet


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In the "Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 4 - Celestial Architecting" video, at the beginning Tom Vinita describes a planet with one face completely frozen and the other completely desert, and oceans in between, which from now on for convenience I will call the " two-face planet ".

This planet suggests that the desert side is tidally locked on its own star, as the Moon do with Earth. I remember some years ago I saw an episode of Ben 10 where they went to a planet called Mikd'lty which exactly matches the description of the two-sided planet (Wiki link: Mikd'lty | Ben 10 Wiki | Fandom ).

However something is wrong, in the video you can clearly see the icy face being exposed to the light of a star, is it possible that this planet is subjected to the light of two stars at the same time (a Binary star sistem)? maybe one close enough to allow the desertification of one side, and the other not so close to not allow de-icing the face, but still lighting it?

Or maybe the desert side is exposed to tidal forces like Rask and Rusk? In this case the two-face planet needs another planet or moon. Or maybe the ligth on the icy face is only for asset review (like the video of Ovin).

What do you guys think?

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