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Cheapest rocket to orbit 2!

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A revival of an old thread I found, here's the original!



The rules:


1. Build a rocket for as little :funds: as possible. Get it to orbit. (:funds: cap is 50,000)


2. Launch from Kerbin.






please note: all scores are stackable.


+10 for less than 10,000 funds


+10 for less than 5,000 funds


+20 for less than 1,000 funds


+30 for Mun flyby

+40 for Mun orbit

+50 for Mun landing


+40 for Minmus flyby

+50 for Minmus landing



+80 for escape of Kerbin


+100 for entering another planet's SOI


+200 for landing anywhere else




Have fun!

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You might want to adjust the scoring, as It's not really worth trying to make a rocket as cheap as possible, because you could make, let's say, a 40,000 rocket that can go to another planet and that outweighs all the points for low cost.

A few more things:

1. What do you need to do on mun/minmus? Flyby? Orbit? Land?

2. Does the rocket need to have crew or not?

3. Are cheats/Kal overclocking allowed?

4. Do you need to return from mun/minmus/other planet?

Just want to help make the challenge a bit more precise

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Cheap rocket to LKO: $765.


In the VAB. A single Spark engine, the most basic of probe cores and three Baguette tanks. Three basic fins to keep it stable in flight.



On the pad


In flight. Due to the fins the rocket is aerodynamically stable, no Stability Assist is necessary.


Approaching MECO. Near the end of the burn I had to throttle back to ensure my fins would not burn up.


In LKO. Near the end of the burn this thing has crazy TWR (> 6), which resulted in me missing the engine cutoff point by quite a margin.


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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