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Buffalo 2 Modular Space Exploration Vehicle


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47 minutes ago, Angel-125 said:

Thanks! :) Regarding the sound, it was hard to find a steady, consistent sound clip of the V-22, but the original sound sample was taken from one and I tweaked it. I also mixed in some Harrier jump jet noise for the turbine. When in Electric Motor mode, you won't (or shouldn't) hear the jet turbine...

I wasn't able to sort out how to get it to electric motor mode - but didn't spend a lot of time on it.

I'm looking forward to using it to explore Kerbin with Parallax 2.  If you've not had a look - I recommend it.

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Yeah, tilt rotors in jet turbine mode will get disabled underwater...

Today I worked on the B2 Side Hatch (Short). This structural part sports deploy-able ladders and side doors that open and close. It also has endcaps like the short cargo bay. In fact, it doubles as a short cargo bay. Here's a preview:






This part is handy for those other body components that don't have side hatches, but they do have front and back ones:



Anyway, this part kicks off Buffalo 2 v1.2: Making Connections, which is part of my ongoing work for Phase 2. You can find the pre-release here.

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20 minutes ago, planeticegaming said:

is there any chance we can get a station variant of the cargo bay with no floor?

or maybe a cargo bay with a deployable roof (like the mk3 cargo bay) 

If you're looking for something like this, it's already done. :)


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3 hours ago, Rutabaga22 said:

Added lights for working at nighttime.

Any tips for landing/takeoff? I can't seem to get it to go smoothly.

Start in hover with 0 vertical speed, then wait for Da Choppah to stabilize, then increase vertical speed. Pitch down to increase horizontal speed, gradually pivot the tilt rotors horizontal. At about 80m/sec kill hover mode and jam the throttle to full.

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This may be a little out of scope for buffalo 2, but would you consider adding a smaller submarine to go along with the buffalo?  Maybe a little modular submarine drone, like an unmanned seamoth. Then you could have  buffalo module to dock it. Maybe have variants for land and air. Then you could call it the calf.

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4 hours ago, Ooglak Kerman said:

You're able to finish parts while your game loads?  Mmmm... that seems kinda slow-loadily.

Yeah, it takes awhile to load the game or change scenes.

Today I built the B2 Endcap. It has Rover, Station, Superstructure, and Sub variants, and it comes in white and blue:





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