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[1.12.3] filip's Starbase - Boca Chica launch site

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filip's Starbase - Boca Chica launch site

This mod adds high resolution and realistic Boca Chica launch site to KSP.

This is my first ever mod, please dont be harsh :D

I made this mod for all the Starship fans, that finally want to experience having Boca Chica launch site without having to build one themselves. filips's Kerbalized Boca Chica haves custom instances, location and many more




Download: SpaceDock


How to install:
(For stock Kerbin) 
1. Download all dependencies, and open fKBCv3Beta file and extract the entire fKBCv3Beta file
2. Open The gamedata folder inside KSP 
3. Copy contents of Gamedata folder into the ksp directory (Kerbal Space Program/Game Data/)
4. now enjoy 

Kerbal Konstructs (Compatible with KSP 1.2.3)
Starship Launch Expansion - v0.4 Beta

Optional but recommended mods:
KSC ++ Continued
Tundra Space Center
Aurora Space Center

1. Check if you have all dependencies, and installed correctly 

1. Open your KSP.
2. Locate the boca chica. (Simply go to VAB, place random craft on Boca Chica Launchpad A [Dont forget to open it in VAB using KK menu] and then launch it.
2a. (or Buy the pad using the KK Menu and use the Making history hud)
3. You should be spawned on your boca chica site with all of its beauty. 
6. You are all done. Things like hopper, SN7.2 are NOT included, if you build them, you can place them on their respective spaces.
7. Unfortunately due to KSP's restrictions, you cant have both Pad A and Pad B (2) occupied at same time. However you can place one starship on Pad A, and then launch one starship to from orbital launchpad spot. Then use gravity hack and rcs to pad 2.

Any issues? Need some help? Join us on our Discord server


Some images (NOTE: Starship in the images is from this mod!)


View on Starship from Suborbital tank farm:


View on starship from perspective of Orbital launch site:


Aerial view of the launch site in sunrise:filipsKerbalBocaChicaV3Beta1.png

View on suborbital pads:


View of entire launch site:




Edited by filipWithTelescope
Changed name of the mod
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18 hours ago, HebaruSan said:

Hi, this name was already used by another mod:

You might want to think of another name to reduce confusion.



18 hours ago, Kerbal Productions said:

Congrats on the release! Hope this will turn out to be very well. :)

Thanks! I hope its good enought now :D


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