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Why is my VTOL Flipping Sideways?



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why newcomers always think we can troubleshoot blind?

there are a dozen things that could be going wrong, from construction to staging to piloting. we need informations to try and figure out your problem. posting pics of your ship is the first step, but any additional detail (thrust, mass, symmetry, etc) or description (when exactly does it flip, how it flips, etc) is also potentially useful

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28 minutes ago, BirdWanderer said:

Here are some screenshots.

Is it possible you're not getting enough intake air to run both the engines?

I've noticed that when a multi-engine jet plane isn't getting enough intake air, the symptom is typically not that all the engines uniformly start losing thrust.  Rather, it ends up starving one engine before the other-- e.g. one engine is firing at full power but the other is cutting in and out.

So you end up with differential thrust and it can flip you around.

If that's what's happening... bear in mind that different intakes are sensitive to relative airspeed along their axis in different ways.  Those intakes you've got atop the wings really want air to be flowing into them, which they won't be getting a lot of in this orientation.  Whereas, IIRC, some other intake types, like the engine "precooler", may be less sensitive to airflow velocity and might work well in this scenario.

I'd suggest some experimenting to see if adding other intake types might help.

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