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The Egyptian space agency - ksp edition


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( This is my first thread BTW )


In this thread I'll post a mission in a while ( as exams are approaching ) , From the start of the space center , the first orbital launch , The moon , mars and beyond.


Note : The names of the rockets are in Arabic but written in English , like :

Qamar : Moon

Marikh : Mars

Timsah : Alligator ( It's a bit strange as my name bank is going bankrupt :( )

Al-nisr : The eagle

Al-Zahif : The crawler

Other names will be added once the mission planning start.


All my rockets : Awake 1 ( super-fast satellite launcher ) , Awake 1 heavy ( slightly discontinued ) , Awake 2 ( this was a complete failure ) , Qamar 1 (moon rocket , failed for structural problem) , Qamar 2 , Qamar 2 ? There wasn't even a design about it  There is now but it's still under contruction , Qamar 3 ( moon rocket , failed because the second stage engine was insufficient ) Qamar 4 ( moon rocket , pending launch )

Planned : Qamar 5 Crew block 1 , Qamar 5 crew block 2 , Qamar 5 crew block 3 , Qamar 5 cargo block 1 , Qamar 5 cargo block 2 , Marikh 1 ( a mars transport rocket , for rovers and stuff ) , Awake 1 crew

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( previous missions )


Qamar 1 L1


Qamar 1 was launched on 28/2/2021 to start a new era to the moon and beyond , The launch was great and the trajectory was nominal.

Every thing was good until the start of the lunar orbital insertion , the second stage was separated but the third stage was blocked because of an engineering problem so , the moon was missed , mission cancelled and the crew got back to earth

The only image I took :


I captured this before circularizing the orbit , shortly after jettisoning boosters and the first stage ( didn't download DOE so they were not appearing )


Qamar 3 L1

After the cancelling of Qamar 1 , Qamar 3 was built

On launch pad :


The Launch site was changed to kourou ( unintentional ) 


.... And liftoff !


Gravity turn started early as mechjeb was wrongly adjusted


1 km :


The gravity turn was good so I was not worried .


Boosters jettison


A RUD happened but the second stage escaped


Some time after the RUD

It got to 45 km and then fell down in the ocean


At least the crew is safe

Note : The RUD was happened because the last tank is the booster was not attached to the rest of the booster but instead , it was attached to the main stage tank


Qamar 3 L2


Liftoff , gravity turn and AP on 16 km , fall down . It was simple . ( No images )


Qamar 3 L3


Liftoff , Gravity turn , AP on 45 km , ignition to orbit on 28 km , burn-up , second stage separation , rocket out of control , fall into the ocean , The game crashes :)

Image :



Hope you enjoyed ! :)

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1 minute ago, Starhawk said:

This mission report has been moved from KSP Discussion to the Mission Reports section of the forum.

KSP Moderation Team

Ok , I was waiting for this as I didn't know where to put this , Thanks .

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for not posting but there are a few problems + i'm adjusting the RSS installation to build future rockets and mission , previous ones were in the KSRSS installation.

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My ksp is having some REAL troubles that I can't solve , This thread will pause for a few weeks if not months

Here's the last thing Cape Delta stopped at :


Kerbal konstructs's textures corrupted and it's yellow now , I can't fix it right now , I can't even recover vessels so I'll need to pause until I find a solution.


Meanwhile I tried to launch a cubesat into low Earth orbit testing the Awake 1 Rocket , The first stage didn't ignite , The second stage ignited and went like a missile and just flipped jettisoning one half of the fairing , The launch failed.

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So , it's nearly a month now ( if someone is really reading this thing ) , KSP RSS install is working now , But my studies are taking most of my time leaving me without any free time , So let's wait one more month until the holiday comes so I can post freely . Sorry anyway for being late ( if someone is reading ) .

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14 hours ago, Tundra said:

Any update on the next installment?  I've been waiting for almost a month now.




my laptop will be a rocket , anyway we'll need to wait one more final month and thanks for any one replying lol

my laptop heats a lot with RSS so i'm thinking of efficient cooling ways to make it stay longer

but news are coming soon i think

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Posted (edited)

Good news , i'm starting to upgrade my laptop , i'll get the external GPU some time later and get 32 gb of RAM , i'll continue the space program when i get the new hardware upgrades


Edit : I may get the upgrades while running the space program so it's just 14-17 days i think and no more delays . Let's hope so

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  • 2 months later...

this thread is now closed or paused , maybe nothing new will happen since i have RAM issues , maybe it'll get fixed , and maybe not ...

don't predict anything from this thread now on ...

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