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I had an idea for a saga today, but I wanted it to not just be me. So here it is. KAR WARSYour job here is to make a good series of posts building off of each other’s posts. I want it to be like a Si Fi adventure based on the Star Wars and Star Trek that we all know and love. I do not have time to play ksp today so I will end you with this. I will just back to you later with the OG post, or you could create the first post. But remember, you need room for the next post to build on your post. And yes you must include photos from ksp

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As explain in the OP. One person has to post something for a story, and the next person has to continue it. All of this must be done in ksp and pics are needed to confirm what you did. This would kind of be a mission report but collaborated with many people

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This does sound like it belongs in the forum games section, rather than challenges and mission ideas, but if instead it's a collaborative save, that would be cool (say, person A gets the save and does stuff, then gives it to person B who does more stuff).

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It is the equivalent of the year 2006. The Kamericans are still in the space race with the Koviets. After Kamerica succeeded in getting to a Kerbal to the Mun, followed by the Koviets getting a Kerbal to Minmus first, they are trying to race to get the first permanent establishment on Duna. The Kamericans have chosen to put a refueling station in Munar Orbit, so ships can refuel.



Gene: You are go for launch

Jeb: Ok, activating autopilot


Jeb: We have liftoff!

Gene: KSC, are we go for gravity turn?

KSC: *flurry of go's*

Gene: Jeb, you are go for gravity turn.


Walt: These images we're getting will be great for PR!

KSC: First booster separation confirmed


Mortimer: This mission will sell so many gift shop items!

KSC: Core stage detachment confirmed, activating upper stage.


Gene: How's the gravity turn looking?

Flight Controller 1: Bit steep... 

FC1: Apoapsis at 80km, engine shutoff confirmed!


Autopilot: Karman line passed; Detaching Fairing

FC2: Ok, circularizing at 80km


Walt: We've gotten some complaints. Private companies say it will be too hard to reach the station in orbit of The Mun.

Gene: Jeb, you are not go for TMI, raise orbit to 150 km instead.

Jeb: Ok, beginning Hohmann Transfer.


Gene: Ok Jeb, I'll need you to contain your excitement, but we need you to move the service drone to a side port, to make room for more modules.

Jeb: wheeeEEEEEE


Gene: Jeb, the drone's a bit out of alignment from the target docking port.

Bob: Uggh, they should've brought Bill.


KSC: Service drone docked!

Gene: Ok guys, let's roll out a module to store monopropellant, the drone only has a limited supply.

Walt: Not quite as beautiful as we want, but still fine.






There is the start of the LKO Refueling station (By the Kamericans)



Personalities of the groups

I envisioned the Kamericans as taking everything seriously, but also being a fair sport, admitting defeat when the Koviets got to Minmus


I envisioned the Koviets as being much more laid back, but if they need to get stuff done, they are not above sabotage and space dogfights


I envisioned the private companies as being opportunistic, but also whining when they don't get their way.

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Added more info about story
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@SSTO CrasherI actually just took screenshots using the in-game method (By default, pressing F1 will save a screenshot to the screenshots folder in the KSP root folder, and pressing F2 will toggle the HUD)

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Fixed mistake
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I don't know. Maybe we are on different versions? I'm on 1.12.3


Looking at persistent.sfs, perhaps setting the 'modded' switch to false would work. Or perhaps making a new save and switching in the KAR WARS persistent.sfs, persistent.loadmeta, and craft list for the one in the new save? As a last resort, you could try making a new save, importing the space station launcher craft file, ripping of the launcher, and cheating it into a 150km orbit?

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We are on different versions, it said something about our versions being incompatible when it failed to load

The problem is that I would have to upgrade my version and my DLCs for 1.12.2 to 1.12.3

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I meant if you open persistent.sfs in [text editor of choice], there is a thing that says 'modded = True'. Perhaps changing it to 'modded = False' would work, and if it doesn't, the space station can just be cheated into orbit. Other than that, I might have to remove all my mods except for visual mods and redo the save file. I'll keep the current images, but I might have to remove 25 or so mods. Once I get to the computer with my KSP install, I'll show my complete mod list, which while not all mods are considered compatible, they all work.

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Chapter 1


“Revolution-1, you are cleared for launch. We will dominate space.” Says mission control. The launch sequence begins.

“All engines are firing well, acceleration is good.”

“The engine trust is good” says the pilot

“Beginning gravity turn, the kommunist domination of space is getting closer and closer” says mission control.

“boosters separated, throttling up again”.

A few seconds later

we’ve crossed the karmin line, shut down the engines”

”Fairings deployed”

“we are approaching our maneuver node. Engage the engines”


“Dang it we just lost contact, we were on a sup orbital trajectory.” 

“Revolution one please respond”


“revolution one is in orbit” says the pilot

”stay in orbit and await our orders, prepare your weapons for attack. GLORY TO THE KOVIET UNION!”

“We will dominate space. GLORY TO THE KOVIET UNION, LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!” Says Valentina.


Yes for now Val works for the KOVIETs 



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The Kommunist bomber FT-21 sits on the launchpad.



Liftoff! Engines ignite with a powerful roar as the FT-21 shoots off the runway.



Bombs awaaaay!



(The bombs are the two white dots)

Splashed (I missed the island airfield)



The Kommunists have triumphed again with a HYPERSONIC bomber!

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