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[WIP] War of Galileo - A Space War Series - Chapter 1 - Part 1


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I kinda got bored so i will make this series, expect infrequnt updates :wink:
The premise here is that Gaelkind colonized every single world that orbits Ciro, but has since broke into smaller warring faction. The story centers one one of them called Gaelia Remata, one of the warring faction that is determend to reunite the system again. Before i spoil litearly the entirity of the plot let start the Prologe.

Ofc thanks to @Galileo for making the Galileo Planet Pack so this series is able to exist in the first place.


Chapter 0 - Prologue

Chapter 1 - Part 1 - First Victory



The República Gaelia is a mighty republic. It spans accros the entirity of the Galilean system. It has made turned every single world prosperous. But those are long bygone days, The República Gaelia has since collapsed under its imense weight into many warring factions. Among the mightest is the Otho-Gauss-Nero Federation, the largest of the warring facitons. But everyone underestimates our determination of uniting the entirty of the Galilean system again one victory at a time.


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The Gael Military Station is just a mere collection of parts welded together. It has currently a single Altoros fighter docked into it
Galileo: Why am i here?
Hadfred: There is a pirate ship orbiting in a medium Gael orbit. It seems to be a fighter. Can you dispatch it using the Altoros fighter being docked in the Gael Military Station
Galileo: Must i dispatch it?
Hadfred: For the safety of the Gaelia Remata.
Galileo: Ok...
A while later
Galileo: Requesting permission to undock from Gael Military Station
Hadfred: Permition is granted


Docking port hiss
Hadfred: See you later.
A day later
Galileo: Reporting in. Pirate ship is sighted. It seems to be a Altoros class fighter too.
Hadfred: The pirate ship hasnt spoted us. Attack it first.

Galileo: Ok.
Galelio: The ship seems to be intact
Hadfred: That must be a miss. Hope we dont get hit too.
Galelio: Dont be too paranoid Hadfred, most shots misses when we are using tin-

Galelio spots a shot passing right by his ship, scratching his ship's paint
Galelio: Nevermind.
Both ships exchange fire for a while
Galelio: Come on, hit the pirate ship!


Hadfred: The first victory of the Gaelia Remata. We shall bring our nation to its full glory one victory at a time!
Galelio: Can i just go home, i dont want to hear your speach after fighting a pirate in medium Gael orbit. I want to go home right now.
Hadfred: Permission is granted to redock to the Gael Military Station and return home.


Author note here: Yeah, i am new at writing lol. And also this chapter is pre preped so thats why i was able to make this chapter realy fast, expect next parts to be slower


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Hey, have you tried writing book-style prose? If you're making a world as expansive as this one seems to be, it might be a better medium. I'm relatively amateurish myself but if you want to give it a stab I can help edit your writing and give some tips, etc.

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