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The Third Mun: A new Minmus sized Moon for Kerbin(WIP)


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@Watermel00n Ooops... still missed one ;) It happens ;)

Near the top, first section under Properties:

			biomeMap = Linbol/PluginData/CanyonBiome.png

At least you're getting good experience updating/uploading to SpaceDock ;)

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23 hours ago, JNSQFan said:

Hold up


Can i use your pqs for linbol


22 hours ago, Cyrus Playz said:

1: this is just copied from linbol
2: this is not very original

You are right, but until we have a working linbol release, this will be the most we have. Before posting this, linbol did not work and I attempted to fix it but failed. Surprisingly,  moving the bodies closer to kerbol fixed the issues, and this is what came out.

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Hi everyone, @JNSQFan seems to be working on the orginal Linbol now, so I guess this mod's development will be adopted by him. In the meantime, it seems that TTM is relatively stable now, and I will be pushing it out of alpha soon. 

If there are any issues, please raise it up. Thank you!

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