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Realistic skybox

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They should add a realistic sky box for when in space or on planets with real life constellations and possibly the milky way in certain circumstances. I do realize that having it in different planets in different solar systems would be complicated to do because the position would change.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "sky box", I assume you mean stellar surroundings.  If that's the case, it's definitely good to have it be detailed, but it would be hard to make it realistic because you'll be surrounded by all the made-up stars that you can visit.  It might be better for them to make up the "sky box" rather than use our real one.

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I would imagine 'realistic looking' is pretty much guaranteed, maybe with a few familiar features thrown in.  I believe the Pleiades are in the KSP 1 skybox for example.

But whether they will use the actual Milky Way as the 'home' galaxy and pick locations within it for the other solar systems remains to be seen.

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