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Mission Builder Launch Pad Bug--Has anyone come across this?



I discovered this bug and thought maybe my mods were causing issues, however, I have removed all mods and done a complete fresh install and it is still here.  I figured I would ask before submitting the bug report.



If I try to create a launchpad in Mission Builder and place my vessel on it:



 I get the following error when I test the mission:





Also, notice how the single launchsite is listed multiple times in the selection dropdown.


Mission Builder works fine for everything else. I can place landed craft, put them in orbit  or put them on the official launchsites, but there is something amiss with the spawnable launchpads.


Note: I first discovered this on the computers at the library I work at: we run a Kerbal Club for kids, and I have now tested this on my home PC, so it is definitely not related to my actual PC.


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Works fine for me.  Did you validate the mission before saving and testing it?

Also, not sure why you zoomed in on your screenshots, a lot of useful information is missing.  It would be easier to troubleshoot if we had the full picture, not just a small portion of your screen.

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