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Something I've been doing very slowly, H-IIA and B are mostly done and hopefully I'll get to H3 soon as well. Could probably use some work balancing the ingame stats if anyone wants to try it out. Cheers





license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

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The LE7 engine seems way under powered for the rocket. The same engine from gemstone LV(Le7) by @Beale, produces a max thrust of 405 in the configs whereas your Le7A only has a max of 208.  As it stands after booster separation the TWR is around 0.7 and cannot achieve orbit. Maybe change the value to around 415 and possibly do the same for the Dual Le7A For the HII-B. I'll edit the cfg files and play around a bit to see if i can get some better performance.

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13 hours ago, Aussie Toad Stool said:

The LE7 engine seems way under powered for the rocket. 

yeah I wasn't sure about that, I was using BDB as a guideline where sustainer engines are usually 25% thrust of real life but it does seem a little underpowered. Also the SRBS seem a bit overpowered.


2 hours ago, Starhelperdude said:

there seems to be a bug where the H2As and H2Bs tank volumes are switched, because the H2A has way too much fuel whereas the H2B has way less

regardless, this is an amazing project!

Huh, that's weird, I dunno how I managed to do that. I will fix it soon

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This looks really exciting I hope it will be compatible with normal KSP and not Just RO, RP-1, RP-0 or Real Solar System, what would really be interesting is if you added all of the Japanese Launch Vehicles, but what would really awesome is having it compatible with @Well's Mod for the Fuji spacecraft. I am serious that KSP needs more mods that feature realistic and/or stockalike parts that are very similar to realistic parts from actual spacecraft both manned and unmanned. 

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