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[1.12.3] Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (LET) (formerly LETech) Version - `<No More Ghosts and 大胆安全回归>` {06 Apr 2022}


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4 hours ago, Cloakedwand72 said:

Thanks for bringing this mod back up! Curious do you plan on reviving his other mods like the SpaceY pact etc?

Thank you.

Yes, have already brought back several; the la

On 4/6/2022 at 2:50 PM, zer0Kerbal said:

When I started updating and releasing all of NecroBones' add-ons, I decided to put all of them into one common subdirectory, which will declutter GameData and allow me to eventually put a common agency/flag/config addon.

this takes time. 

Also planning on adding

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2 hours ago, Folkhoer said:

landing legs


unfortunately I do not know how to convert the landing legs to stock or KSPWheel, so they are just animated sticks because FireSpitter has a major issue. If FireSpitter works for you - then the FireSpitter patch should make them fully functional again.

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