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Stock Alarm Clock transfer window alarm gave wrong results


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I double checked the phase angles to/from Eve using the old faithful calculator at https://ksp.olex.biz, just to make sure I hadn't mixed up the origin and destination or something dumb like that, but either way it's still way off. The alarm generated by the stock tool left me with a phase angle of approximately 165 degrees, well over 100 degrees off from the correct angle

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14 minutes ago, Randazzo said:

I can't see the pic(my issue) but did the mun happen to get in the way?

No the issue is with the relative positions of Eve and Kerbin. A Kerbin -> Eve transfer should be performed when the phase angle between them is about 55 degrees, with Eve behind Kerbin in its orbit. The alarm is supposed to alert you when the planets are in the right alignment to perform the transfer. But instead of alerting me when the angle was 55 degrees, it alerted me when the angle was 165 degrees. As I said, not even close, mun or no mun

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