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Strange smeary shadows on vessel


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I've had this same issue and it's really been bothering me. The worst part is that the glitch is really inconsistent, it's a mod issue as it doesn't happen in my 100% stock install but in most of my old screenshots the glitch doesn't happen.

Stock vs modded install:


Stock graphics settings

Modded graphics settings. The only difference is the render quality and texture quality.

I didn't get a screenshot of the test vessel in stock but here it is in my modded save:20220307191236_1.jpg

Mod list:



Some older screenshots showing how inconsistent it is:


2 separate rovers launched in the same save with mostly the same mods:


The top one is more recent, and looks a lot worse. Part of the issue might be that the top rover is on a Kerbol Origins planet, while the bottom one is on Dres.

Sometimes the shadows are really high quality, like in these images.

This screenshot from my Beyond Home save taken in 2020 is one of few screenshots I could find with the smeary shadows in it.


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