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My rocket trun automatically



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4 hours ago, ravixbwo said:

Hello since today when I launch a rocket this one starts turning automatically once arrived at the height of the clouds I tried with different tanks and engines and it's the same problem any solution ?


Either the tail end of your rocket is too heavy, or the front end is too draggy - likely some combination of both, and you don't have enough control authority to compensate. You can try adding fins/wings to the bottom of the rocket or reaction wheels to the bottom and top, or RCS thrusters.

I don't know how far along you are in the game, but here's a little tutorial series:


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32 minutes ago, ravixbwo said:

For reference:



I see two things right off.  The side boosters do not have nose cones, that will create drag.

Since the rocket is flipping, it is not balanced properly.  This can be corrected by putting in 4 fins at the bottom, at 45 degree angles to avoid the boosters, those will create enough drag to keep the rocket flying straight.

I don't know what engines you have on it, but be sure that the main engine, at least, is gimballed, otherwise you will have control issues




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58 minutes ago, ravixbwo said:


I will send you a photo during the day I am currently not available


Not a bad looking rocket, just needed a couple of changes but I think everyone has already touched on them.

Happy launching!

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