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I was wondering if my quest for tracking all of the well-known (kind of a little bit famous, at least) and good planet and star mods is finally complete, or if perhaps someone here could help me find a hidden gem...


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As says the title, i'm only really looking for the best of the best, so i have some requirements that the mods needs to fit in if someone has any suggestions that i haven't documented yet, they are:

I would prefer for them to have no space engine textures, since it feels kind of cheap, at least for advanced modders;

Most (preferably all) of the textures need to have at least mid or high resolution, because i don't really like looking at pixels or bad looking terrain, however it doesn't need to be 8k resolution or whatever, it just needs to look at least a little bit good;

All of the celestial bodies added need to have proper descriptions on the tracking station, by that i mean that when i check the "knowledge base" i don't want to see a blank space with nothing written on it except for the usual stuff like, radius, mass, etc, since that is mandatory for any planet mod to work anyways;

And it needs to have proper grammar on the descriptions, i'm fine with a few typos since that is basically unavoidable and i can fix them myself on the configs if i want to anyways, such as switching its with it's, missing periods at the end of a sentence, minor stuff like that is okay, although i would prefer the quantity of typos to be low, however major stuff, like entire sentences written incorrectly or even mixing up the description of one body for another that is in a different place (yes, that happens, although i only saw it once, and the mod was simply too good to not put here, hopefully that gets fixed in the future) kind of annoys me in a game about exploring space, i would at least like to have descriptions i can mostly understand and that keeps typos to a minimum.

Here's all of the ones i have found that mostly fit into these criteria:


Alternis Kerbol 1.7.3

Asclepius 1.5x

Corelian 1.11x

Dres moons 1.8.1

Eve moons 1.7.3

Galileo Planet Pack 1.12.1

Gameslinx Planet Overhaul 1.4.3

Ghekta 1.11.2

Heracleitus 1.12.2

Kronkus Planet Pack 1.5x

Minor Planets Expansion 1.12.2

New Horizons

Outer Planets Mod 1.11x

Real Solar System 1.8x

Xenonclave's Planet Collection Revived 1.7x

After Kerbin 1.7.3

Before Kerbin 1.4.2

JNSQ Planet Pack 1.12.1

Kerbol Origins 1.8.1

Beyond Home 1.9.1-1.10x

Blinding Light Levels 1.10x

EventHorizon 1.7x

Extrasolar: Planets Beyond Kerbol 1.7.3

Galaxies Unbound 1.12x

Grannus Expansion Pack 1.12.1

Low Light Levels Blue 1.8.1

Low Light Levels Red 1.8.1

Precursors Planet Pack 1.9x-1.11x

Seven Worlds Around Slippist-1 1.7.3

Whirligig World Planetary System 1.11.2

Endless Expanse 1.12.3

Other Worlds Reboot 1.6

Real Exoplanets 1.8.1

Strange New Worlds 1.8x-1.11x


Are there any good planet/star pack you guys know that is not in this list? Thanks to whoever read this wall of text and have a good day! :)

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16 hours ago, DeadJohn said:

I would add KSRSS to your list, the rescaled version of RSS. It's a separate mod.

Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. I had already heard about it, i guess i might as well add it, but it doesn't change much, the only difference from RSS is that it is much easier, right?

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18 minutes ago, Vini said:

Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. I had already heard about it, i guess i might as well add it, but it doesn't change much, the only difference from RSS is that it is much easier, right?

Yes, KSRSS (or its 2.5x rescale option which is the only way I played it) is much easier than full RSS at 10x scale.

I consider KSRSS and RSS to be distinct mods because AFAIK they are independently maintained. Features added to one do not automatically end up in the other.

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