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K9CS Beagle


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K9CS Beagle – first of her class, largest ship I’ve ever built in KSP; Mission: Exploration of the planets and moons as far as Eeloo

Nickname: The Busch Wagon - because it takes so many Clydesdale SRB's to get it moving! ;)

Crew: 14; Capacity: 36, plus auxiliary vehicles

Mass (Fueled): 2,323.64t (not including Clydesdale boosters); deltaV (Vacuum): 5,168 m/s; Part Count: 189 (100% stock)

Stowable MPL & Science Lab, including experiment packages and communications tower, plus two on-board ISRU units for on-orbit/in-transit self-refueling (3000 Unit Ore capacity total)


Dorsal View, left to right - Calvin (deployable Resource Probe); Butch (VTOL Shuttle); Bialystok (Ore Mining Craft); Hobbs (deployable Resource Probe):


Ventral View, left to right - Hobbs (deployable Resource Probe); Sundance (VTOL Shuttle); Bloom (Ore Mining Craft); Calvin (deployable Resource Probe); In the center bay, top down - Vladimir ( Captain's Gig); Estragon (Utility Vehicle):


Up close and personal with Vladimir (left) and Estragon (right):


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