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What will happen to crafts if I will uninstall mod?


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What will happen to crafts if I will uninstall mod? I am using some parts from mod "KOS,"
but I want to have faster loadtime again.
Is craft going to be removed or only missing parts will be removed?

Second question,  do I have to manually remove some directories or using ckan manager is enough to have vanilla kerbals?

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In my experience, it depends how integrated into the craft the parts are. You'll get a warning when you try to load the craft, something like XXX part is missing, do you want to try to load the craft anyway?

Sometimes you can load the craft anyway, other times not.


If you uninstall the mods with CKAN, I'm pretty sure it'll remove the files and folders for you.

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@youshisuwelcome to the forums!

So, for the question, KOS isn't a part mod. If you didn't add the part from kOS to your craft, you'll have a module missing which isn't a cause of concern. But if you did and deleted kOS, your craft might not load. I bolded might not since I don't know if this'll happen but most likely will.

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