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Fly to the mun under 4m29s

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Hello there.

I wanted to show my friend i can land on mun on first attempt,without quicsaves and under 5 minutes.

Well,i did it.

My time is 4m29s

And return time is counted in :)(counting only until full parachute open.

If you beat me,i'll give you my .craft file.


PS:I use NovaPunch and Re-entry heat

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Getting to the moon and landing in 4.5 minuts would expel enough delta V to land on Jool and return.

Calculations as proof please? :D

Rough estimates,

Kerbin to oribt: 4000m/s

Kerbin escape: 1000m/s

transfer orbit to Jool: 7000 m/s

Jool landing: 0m/s (parachutes, or just float down.)

Jool to orbit: 50,000m/s

Jool escape: 4000m/s

Transfer orbit to Kerbin: 7000m/s

Kebrin landing: 0m/s (parachutes)

Total: 73,000m/s delta V.

Mun is 12,000,000m away, so to get there and back in 5 minutes you need to be averaging 80,000m/s. Therefore, if you want to go there, land, and return you need at least 240,000m/s of delta V (perhaps more, I'm not sure if parachutes/aerobraking can slow you from 80,000m/s).

So I estimate your right, you could do a Jool return with that.

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You don't need math to prove that getting to the Mun in 4.5 in-game minutes is ridiculous. That much velocity would send you much, much farther than Jool.

Oh, I agree it was rediculous. I was just looking for him to estimate how much a Jool landing and return would acually take!

Getting to Jool is easy, its the taking off from the surface thats hard :)

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