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Hello fellow Kerbanauts,

The name TokiGlassBlower is my PSN name, I'm a console player since 1977, yep I'm old,  I started into KSP about 3-4 weeks ago?, I play 3-4 hrs a day since starting, just did my first off world landing on the Mun yesterday, did my first orbit of Minmus tonight, got about 75% of the parts tree unlocked and watching ALLOT of YouTube vids. I'm a professional Skydiver since 1995 with over 6000 jumps, I have about 1800+ Scuba Dives and worked for a few 3-4 years as a P.A.D.I dive instructor around the Mid/South Pacific, I also have 133 B.A.S.E. Jumps and am a private pilot, I own a production company since 1997 have a CDL and no children cause well they would take time away from me having fun so no kids but I am married, I have been actively working as a Lampworker with my own home studio since 2007 and I'm very accomplished as a piper (ur gonna have to look this one up if your curious :valwink:). I have about 4000 hrs playing Elite Dangerous and a couple thousand playing NMS (Since Beta Beta testing) my PS trophy level is 320 and usually I play games like Kerbal or Subnautica, Tropico, Port Royal,  Surviving Mars, Adrift etc more the sims these days and I'm not into the shooters even though I have 7 NFA stamps go  figure right? lol. thats all you get for now. Oh and I'm also Nuclear Submarine Qualified since 1982.......yeah I'm a little narcissistic.....


Blue Skies


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Hello @TokiGlassBlower and welcome to the KSP Forum!

That is quite the resume you've got there.  There are a number of old-time gamers around here, myself included.
I hope that you find this forum as helpful, friendly, and enjoyable as I have.

Glad to have you aboard.

Happy landings!

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