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Bio-Computing Humanoids.... The Evolution Of Information Technology

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After watching a short scifi film, it dawned on me that information alone could be the biggest boon for a human to be born with.... along with assistance.

Imagine if you will that you see an augmented scifi woman in a cafe appearing to scroll an imaginary touch screen in the air.

You cannot see the touch screen so she looks silly to you, but she sees a transparent touch screen with information she is scrolling through.

In addition she can vocally call her inner assistant by name and it would respond.... but only she could 'hear' it.

The Life Inner Assistant would have several books pre-installed that she could read at leisure.... as well as 'space' to make notes or write a book.

It could also record what you see and hear for future reference if you desired.

And it could do calculations for you on sight or touch if desired.... such as measurements, heat, and pressure, and beats per minute for the heart. All you would have to do is put your finger on a pulse and either ask by 'air scrolling' or vocally to your LIA and it would give the correct answer.

It could even teach you math, reading and writing...  function as your alarm clock, or inform you of your health with specific data and advice in real time.... like you could program it to warn you to get some rest soon or else.

In addition to that you could 'communicate' by 'air texting' to another augment.... so long you are within 100 meters of them. You could even send them video or text.

You would have 100 GB of storage space to use.

All of this in theory may be possible with an advanced form of organic computing... which is awesome because as you know.... organics can self-replicate and repair themselves. Machines..... not so much.


If this were possible in a scifi story, and a whole species with this ability existed, they would have a significant advantage over your average humans.

And yet all of those information extra perks should have an extra cost.

Which I think would be sleep and wakefulness.

Humans like to sleep 8 hours a day.

Augments? Would only be awake for four hours before feeling tired enough to need four hours of sleep, which would mean they are awake 12 hours a day at intermittent intervals and asleep 12 hours a day as well.

So average humans would at least be able to pride themselves on that if nothing else.



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Another cool ability to have would be limited programming of the body.

Like imagine if you could automatically program your body to fall asleep at a certain hour, or sing a tune you practiced that came out well.... so you do not have to try and potentially fail? All things you would learn normalky of course, but once learned you could use the LIA to help you recall them or even SAY OR READ it verbatim off the 'screen' you can see but normal humans cannot.

Cheating on tests just reached a whole nother level I'm afraid ... at least for these guys and gals.

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3 minutes ago, spacejet said:

How about cloud computing connected to the human? Via Starlink or what have you. The cloud computing would provide basically infinite knowledge and computational speed, while the human would have final say (arts and morals).


While certainly doable in scifi I do not favor melding man and machine.... even at a distance because I reckon health would ve effected from all the signal radiation and it's strength as well.

That is why I favor organuc computing.... since it is mostly made of organic material... only thing not so is the nanite structure that allows for 100 meter signaling and communication with other augments.

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5 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

A mental hive.

Run a thought question, let experts give an answer...

... and choose from a hundred of opposite expert opinions.

"Sort by relevant doctorates and experience in field."

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