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Everyone wants colors. This is a known fact. Colors for rockets, colors for kerbals (suits), and colors for colonies.

I know most of this has been confirmed by the KSP2 team, but how do you think this will work? 

Some ideas for parts:


 - color wheel for primary and secondary colors on parts.

 - Free-form paintbrush. (Lets you try to do cool designs with the mouse)

 - Import image file (you can add custom decals for your parts with a system kind of like the part modding textures.)

Some ideas for kerbals:


 - custom primary and secondary colors with a color wheel.

 - custom patterns you could make (most likely through a mod-like environment)

 - maybe add attachments to your kerbal’s suit (horns, fake wings, etc.)

Some ideas for colonies:


 - primary, secondary, and tertiary colors (picked with a color wheel)

 - different color designs (doesn’t have to be custom, just different patterns for walls and such)

 - light effects (change color & brightness of lights like on that runway in one of the trailers.)

One last idea:


 - colorable ksp. (Yes, I said it)

       - change primary, secondary, tertiary colors with color wheel.

       -  cool patterns (same as above)

       - maybe add/remove windows?

       - lighting effects (same as above)

(might have strayed away a bit from a game about building and flying rockets) 

I don’t know if all the things listed above are possible, but these would all be cool in KSP2

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It's already been confirmed that you can recolor your craft, buildings, suits. You can even do metallics that will reflect the surroundings. 

Adding custom flags, should be available to do since you can do it in KSP1.

We think you will have some ability to customize your Kerbals, but that hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

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1 hour ago, shdwlrd said:

You can even do metallics that will reflect the surroundings

I had totally forgotten about that. You also mentioned custom flags, but   I was more thinking custom designs for like colonies and spacesuits (like a blue dragon pattern on a black resource harvester). I just think these things would overall add that awesome feel to the game.

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You're talking like a stock sticker or full texture replacement? The reason I mentioned flags is KSP1 does have large placeable decals that are based off the custom flag system. 

If you're referring to texture replacement, we'll have to see how the models and textures are being done after release. 

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