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Thoughts about the stock alarm clock?


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Before, there was the KAC - the first mod I ever used, and for many years the only one. In the recent KSP update, a version of it has been added to the stock game.

What are your experiences with that stock alarm clock, guys? How would you compare it to the KAC mod? Which one (if any) are you using now?

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I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the stock alarm clock handled populating the Duna system with relay's, Ike mining facilities and a Duna surface mission. Got the last in a stable Duna orbit just now. It was my first go in fully using the stock alarm system. Playing latest version stock + DLC + Kerbal RnD.

4 Launches, 20 day's apart around the Duna transfer window. 11 spacecrafts and probes together. I set alarms for all correction burns, orbital insertions etc. The whole mission took about a week in the making. Even over saving, closing and rebooting the next day, and again, the stock alarm clock stayed persistend.

I've used KAC for years. I'm starting to put confidence in the stock alarm system after this Duna fleet.

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I tried out the stock alarm clock in 1.12.3, but it gave me the following issues:

1. it gave me the wrong transfer window for Kerbin -> Eve. When I got there, Eve was something like 120 degrees behind me.

2. While doing warps, sometimes, my orbit would be changed. I lost hundreds of meters of dV this way.

3. It failed to stop during alarms set for maneuvers. So I ended up crashing as I time-warped through the maneuver.

So, I've been using the KAC mod, which works perfectly every time.

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I came back to KSP recently and was excited about the feature.  I haven't had any of the severe problems people have quoted here, but what really bugs me is that it doesn't make it easy to swap to the craft that the alarm is for.  I feel like this is such an essential feature of the original mod that I can't believe they didn't do this.  Am I holding it wrong?

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