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How far is the moon from us?

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How far is the moon from us? Many friends know that it is about 380,000 kilometers. In fact, this number is an approximate average of the distance between the earth and the moon. When it is far away, the moon will be more than 405,000 kilometers away from us, and when it is close, it is only more than 360,000 kilometers. The difference between the distance and the distance is 4. More than 10,000 kilometers, and because the moon has been orbiting the earth, the distance is also constantly changing, and it is difficult to measure the precise distance between the earth and the moon.

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The moon orbits at an earth-moon centre distance if  356400370400 km perigee, and 404000–406700 km apogee.

The variation is due to perturbations from the earth and sun.

As the moon orbits the earth slower than the earth rotates, tidal drag tends to accelerate the moon and move it into a higher orbit further from us. The moon is receding from us at about 38mm/year.

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22 minutes ago, cubinator said:

I think it does, but I think flying someone to the Moon to put a mirror there also counts as 'difficult'.

Agreed! Although, according to Wikipedia at least, the Soviets landed a couple too. Admittedly, that would still count as 'pretty tough' in my book.

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