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How we Conquered the Stars or The Story of the Sentinel Design Bureau | Currently on: Chapter 3


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After the failure of the original Sentinel Design Bureau, all funding was cut and the agency put on life support. Luckily, however, it was revived by the latest administration in the great nation of United East Kerbonia! Now it stands to expand kerbalkind through the planets and moons of the Kerbol system, but first, it has to start all over.

This is a rescaled 2x career using a whole slew of mods and custom visuals based off of Spectra. my goal is to somewhat reaalistically explore the kerbolar system and colonize it, and maybe go interstellar.

Link To The Original

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere

Chapter 2 | Strange Rockets




Chapter 1 | Starting Somewhere


When the Sentinel Design Bureau was revived, a new rocket had to be made to make up for lost tech. Building off of the blueprints that were discovered being used as Bill Kerman's coffee napkins. The result was a brand-new family of sounding rockets. Behold, the aptly-named GoUp 1!


With a BANG, the GoUp 1-1 lifts off into the air.


Unfortunately, the stability on the first stage was . . . questionable at best


And the second stage ignited upside-down



But, in the end, science was gained . . .


And a new rocket was developed, the GoUp 2!


A mighty rocket, with only 1 stage but way more Delta-v



It made it higher than ever, but unfortunately, the antennae and batteries were forgotten, leading to no science gain, a terrible misfortune


Luckily, in the GoUp 2-2 mission, this was remedied, and science was gained





And that end the the first three missions in kerbalkind's rise to the stars.

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I'm not dead (and chapter 2)
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Chapter 2: Strange Rockets

After the largely successful initial launches of the GoUp program, the SDB started looking a bit closer. A new rocket was needed to get Kerbin science high altitude atmospheric samples. The only remaining design from the old SDB was reused. It was time for the return of the RANGEFINDER SAMPLE RETURN VEHICLE! Unfortunately the original design was pirated and copyrighted so some changes had to be made.


This is not okay


Still looks normal


Unfortunately, the SCIENCE! cage (with CrumpliSafeTM technology) was destroyed


So there was a redesign


Which also failed     whyyyyyy . . . it's not supposed to be firing downwards


And SCIENCE! was lost, a most heinous crime


Finally, after some ahem persuading of the engineers, there was a design that worked


And SCIENCE! was gained (and the engineers got a raise)


So we did it in the desert, at the sister launch facility to the Sentinel Launch Center


But that failed too (and the engineers got put back on minimum wage)


All in all, a terrible day for the space program. Funds were wasted, barely any SCIENCE! was gained, and the RSRS was deemed "a strange and terrible device" by Engineering. Also, we ran out of coffee.


Tune in later today for Top 10 funniest surfing accidents!


Full album here

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Chapter 3: Going Up, and Down, and Up


Anyways, for the three people that were mildly interested in this, I'm sorry for not posting. I kind of didn't play KSP for 2 months. I might upload more frequently, really depends.

Anyways, back to the story.


After the success of the Rangefinder sounding rocket program, there was a cry to go further. The public and the shareholders alike wanted us to do more, to put something in space that would crash and burn 5 minutes later. So we decided to go to orbit.



The Magellan 1! It carries the latest in satellite technology , the AlphaSat, in it's Totally Real Invisible Fairing that we have because we definitely have the money for it.


It leaps off of the launchpad, quickly pitching over


Around 10KM in the air, the second stage separates and ignites it's SRB


It starts accelerating quite fast


I mean, really fast, like, how is the probe surviving?


The second stage separates, tumbling through what passes for air at 50KM height


Luckily, it's able to stabilize in space.


Burning for orbit


And orbit!


A successful mission, free Kstarbucks coffee all around!


R&D: What about SCIENCE!

Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no. This cannot be! No SCIENCE! We must launch a mission right now to remedy this!


Presenting, the BetaSat! On the same Magellan 1 rocket, this satellite has actual scientific capabilities!


Very majestic


Launching, quickly pitching over


Everything looks good. . .


NO! Too fast of a pitch for the second stage!


Literally burning up


Keeping the second stage for stability


Unfortunately, the third stage is now tumbling in the upper atmosphere


Can't quite get it oriented


Descending back through the atmosphere, the mission a failure. The satellite was detatched so more would burn up.


Down, down, down, just like my paycheck.


PLOP! The sound of broken dreams.


And on that sad note, Goodbye for today!

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