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Crash Kerbal


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License CC-BY-SA-4.0

https://spacedock.info/mod/3003/Crash Kerbal

We did a few surveys recently and found that 1: Deep space probes get lonely and 2: Kerbals would prefer if somebody else crash tested craft to see how they explode. And so the R and D department came up with a simple solution. The Crash test Dummy.
The probes got something they could athropomorphise and Kerbals saved resources by not having to constantly train new pilots. Kerbals being Kerbals, they soon started pranking each other by dressing up the dummies and pretending they were the real thing.
Now you can too.
Just a multi part poseable Kerbalish figure you can use however you like. Most body parts come in a range of colours, both straight and set up for wearing with denim jeans. Everything has nodes that correspond, the things that attach to the top of the head generally have 2 so that parts can stack, this allows for having hair, glasses and hat/helmet all at once. The val head is shorter so the glasses and Kerbal type helmet will need shifting up after placement.

Found in the utility section.






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17 hours ago, darthgently said:

This begs to become a full robot that would count as real crew.  Welcome Robbie Kerman, Data Kerman, C3PKerman, R2Kerman to the team...

The bots would need a kOS addon so we could make them break-dance on Bop and such

These are just dumb parts, basically structural. K9 out of my TAKDIS mod and the future release of my R2D2 clone RND would both be able to act as mobile probe crew. I just have to finish my X-wink vs Kie Fighter mod as the X-wing has been designed for RND to get in and out of, just like the real thing.

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4 hours ago, THE_KERBAL said:

Why don't the have any textures when i use it

The only way it would not have textures is if you have somehow changed the contents of the folder. The Crash Kerbal folder should contain 18, *.dds files that all start with Pose in their title. If they are not in the folder any more or have been renamed in any way then the configuration files cannot find them to use them. The system is not smart, if you see something missing you go look for it, the system does not go looking if something is not where it expects it to be.

I don't know by what method yours was installed but I would look in and check that they are all there.

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11 hours ago, Snappy said:

Lego Kerbals won't appear! :(

If you are needing help then you will need to provide a lot more information. How did you install, What your folder pathway is incase you some how you have things in the wrong place, do you have any mods that use Module manager patches that might block anything etc.

They should be in the folder roughly like this C:\KSP1.12.3\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\CrashKerb\

Being in GameData\CrashKerb\ is the most important thing.

Oh and not Lego as that invites all sorts of legal nightmares.

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