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The Hyperion Program: Kerbalkind's Return to Space


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The Hyperion Program: Kerbalkind's Return to Space
Inspired by the Constellation Program



Hello, and welcome to a new project that I am doing called the Hyperion Program, where after a long hiatus, kerbalkind returns to the Mun, and more. This is a stock part series, therefore it requires less time and effort than my more time-consuming series, 'Go For TLI', which was too much to keep up with schoolwork. Expect more frequent uploads than 'Go For TLI' for the time being, because of the reasons stated in the last sentence. The Hyperion Program will be more story-focused than my last series, although I'm not the best writer to grace this earth, so keep that in mind.


Special Thanks:

All of these ideas for my upcoming vehicles and plans didn't just come from me, they also came from things I have seen on this forum.

  • @Kuiper_Belt's Shuttle Adventures, which is my original inspiration for this series.
  • @Jay The Amazing Toaster‘s Kanawai: Ares to Mars thread.
  • @AmateurAstronaut1969's ETS Space Station Freedom thread.
  • @TheSaint's The Scrape of Things to Come.
  • @track's One Giant Leap alternate history thread.
  • @Angel-125's To the Mun!, Shuttle Launch System, and Commercial Space Ventures threads, for the cool mission ideas.
  • And finally, me, for slapping myself enough times to stop being lazy in my free time to do this.

I will update this original post to keep up with the current missions happening, so make sure to check the Mission and Vehicles List to get a more close-up view of the vessels of the program and a brief summary of the missions. Also, use the Chapters List if you want to quickly go to a chapter if you don't want to scroll through the pages.


Chapter List:


Mission and Vehicles List:



Phase I - Kerbin Testing Program and the First Mun Missions

Complete, posted - Hyperion I First Stage Static Fire - Description: Static fire of the first stage of the Hyperion I.

Complete, posted - Hyperion I-X | LV: Modified Hyperion I - Description: Suborbital flight of a prototype Hyperion I first stage with a dummy upper stage and payload. All parts of the vehicle splashed down into the Eastern Ocean.

Complete, posted Odysseus Pad Abort Test | LV: Modified Hyperion I - Description: Test of the LES of the Odysseus spacecraft from the launch pad. The capsule landed a short distance from the pad.

Complete, posted Hyperion I-Y | LV: Modified Hyperion I - Description: Suborbital flight test of the Odysseus LES from high altitudes. Abort tested at 17,500m, capsule splashed down into the Eastern Ocean.

Complete, posted Odysseus I | LV: Hyperion I - Description: Orbital flight of the complete Hyperion I vehicle and Odysseus spacecraft. Spacecraft orbited a few times around Kerbin and splashed down in the Eastern Ocean.

Complete, posted Odysseus II | LV: Hyperion I - Description: Crewed orbital flight of the Odysseus spacecraft and Hyperion I vehicle. A repeat of Odysseus I; splashed down in the Eastern Ocean near the KSC.

Complete, posted Odysseus III | LV: Hyperion I - Description: Testing the EVA capabilities of the Odysseus spacecraft and the three crew capacity. Denzer Kerman flew around the craft, and the capsule splashed down in the Western Ocean.

Complete, posted Hyperion IV-Y | LV: Hyperion IV - Description: Test launch of the complete Hyperion IV vehicle with a dummy lander. Rendezvous Target for Odysseus IV.

Complete, posted Odysseus IV | LV: Hyperion I - Description: Visiting the dummy lander and the Hyperion IV Upper Stage; testing rendezvous capabilities of the Odysseus spacecraft. Bob Kerman flew around the craft, and the crew landed in the Eastern Ocean.

Complete, posted Odysseus V, Hyperion IV-I | LV: Hyperion IV, Hyperion I - Description: Test of the TLI maneuver of the KDS and docking capabilities of the Odysseus spacecraft. Munar Flyby of the Odysseus. Bill inspected the craft in the Mun's shadow, and the capsule splashed down safely just east of the KSC.

Complete, posted - Iliad I, Odysseus VI | LV: Hyperion IV, Hyperion I - Description: Low Kerbin Orbit test of the Iliad's systems and docking with the Odysseus' capabilities. Jeb and Bill Kerman tested out the lander's engines and systems and returned home in the Eastern Ocean after transferring back to Odysseus.

Complete, posted Iliad II, Odysseus VII | LV: Hyperion IV, Hyperion I - Description: Low Mun orbit test of the Iliad's descent and landing systems and dress rehearsal of the real Mun landing. The crew performed a great fire-in-the-hole abort test and headed home in the Odysseus spacecraft after docking back. They traveled from the Mun to Kerbin and splashed down in the Western Ocean.

Incomplete, partially posted Iliad III, Odysseus VIII | LV: Hyperion IV, Hyperion I - Description: First crewed landing on Mun in forty-five years.

Phase II: Expanded Mun Program and Stations

Incomplete, partially planned Iliad IV, Odysseus IX | LV: Hyperion IV, Hyperion I - Description: Second Hyperion Program landing on the Mun with an extended stay on the surface.

Incomplete, partially planned - Theia Station Launch I - Core Module | LV: Hyperion IV - Description: Launch of the core module of the first space station by the kerbals.

The Rest of the Hyperion Program - Incomplete, unplanned



Hyperion IComplete, posted

Hyperion IV: Complete, posted

'Iliad' Mun Lander: Complete, posted

Theia StationIncomplete, partially planned

Hyperion I:



Hyperion IV:


Note: The fairing is so tall for future missions that require longer fairings, like possible Munar shelters or Duna landers.



1. If the text is slanted, it means that a kerbal is speaking from in-universe.

2. If the text is in (parentheses), it is a note from me, describing something from out-of-universe.

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Phase I: Kerbin Testing Program and First Mun Landings


THP - Chapter 1: Introduction/ First Stage Static Fire


(I had a little bit more free time on my hands, so I went ahead and did the first chapter today)

Since the Adventure Program that landed the first kerbals on the Mun 45 years ago, kerbals have been stuck on Kerbin since. KASA, Kerbin's main space agency, has been sending probes to different planets instead of risking kerbals to explore them (and the government doesn't want to admit that they underfund the agency), but this eventually got boring for the kerbonauts (whose numbers had been reduced to 5 to save funding), who wanted to fly in space again and went on strike against KASA and the government of Kerbin.

To solve this problem, the president of Kerbin announced that KASA would be starting a new program, to put kerbonauts back in space and return kerbals to the Mun, permanently. Named the Hyperion Program, it will be extensive, exploring many destinations after the first target of the Mun. The kerbonauts and the KASA employees were overjoyed by this, happy to work on something more than simplistic probes and start designing the vehicles that will fulfill this mandate. These vehicles will be designed to be upgraded over several missions, increasing reusability and payload to orbit.

The rocket that will return kerbonauts back into space is the Hyperion I, capable of sending 3 kerbals to Low Kerbin Orbit, and back. The crew spacecraft, launched on the Hyperion I, named the Odysseus, will head to the waiting lander launched on a Hyperion IV, a super-heavy lift launch vehicle that will launch the cargo of the Mun missions, including the afford mentioned lander. Once docked, the stack will leave LKO by the second stage of the Hyperion 4, called the Kerbin Departure Stage, and head to the Mun. At the Mun, the Iliad lander, will land on the Mun, and return to the Odysseus crew spacecraft in Low Munar Orbit. Afterward, it will be ditched into the surface of the Mun, and the crew will return to Kerbin with the spacecraft's engines.


Hyperion I First Stage Static Fire

The vehicle that will return kerbonauts back to space is the Hyperion I, capable of sending 3 kerbals to Low Kerbin Orbit, and back. Before the first prototype can be launched, however, the first stage engines of the rocket need to be static fired. (After being told my previous TUFX profiles for 'Go For TLI' looked "bad", I modified the configs and made it a little more pleasant to the eye)

Mission Report:



The first stage of the Hyperion I prototype sits out on the pad waiting to be tested, while the KASA testers and mission controllers watch from the building next to the testing site.


"We have full throttle ignition of the 6 'Swivel' engines, thrust is nominal, prepare for throttling down of the engines for further testing."


"The 'Swivel' engines have throttled down to half thrust, prepare for minimal throttle testing for finer control capabilities during flight."


"Great readings from the booster at minimal thrust, commence engine shutdown."


"Nominal engine cutoff, we have a successful test of the Hyperion I First Stage!" The next mission that will happen is the launch of the prototype Hyperion I-X vehicle."

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Posted (edited)

Leave your suggestions here on what you think the lander's name should be, and feel free to report something you don't like or don't understand, I will try to reply to the comment and fix what ever you reported!

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The next update might come tomorrow or the next day if you guys are lucky.
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5 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

Mockingjay? (Fictional bird from the Hunger Games)

Well, I do like the Hunger Games, and the lander is mocking the actual Altair lander, so I’ll add that to the list of names I have.

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THP - Chapter 2: Hyperion 1-X

After the static fire of the Hyperion I First Stage, the prototype of the launch vehicle is rolled out from the VAB to the launchpad, ready to test its systems and trajectory on a normal flight, with the flag of KASA in the background.

Mission Report:



"The Hyperion I-X is sitting on the pad at the moment, waiting for launch. We have a great view of the vehicle from here in Mission Control."


"We have confirmation that the fuel lines have been retreated from the vehicle, and the rocket is fully-fueled, standby for launch."


"Ignition of the 4 'Swivel' engines!" (2 of the engines are dummy engines, because they are not needed for this lighter prototype rocket)


"We have a liftoff of the Hyperion I-X rocket, leading the way for kerbalkind's return to space and beyond!"


"Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure, or Max-Q, of the vehicle, standby for throttling down of the engines."



"The Hyperion I-X is now flying through the upper atmosphere, prepare for engine cutoff of the 'Swivel' engines."



"We have confirmation of engine cutoff!"


"Jettison of the dummy second stage and Odysseus spacecraft, as a test of the stage separation sequence and motors."


"Reentry of the first stage prototype."


"Hard Splashdown of the vehicle, bringing an end to a completely successful test of the prototype Hyperion I!"

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THP - Chapter 2.5: Odysseus Pad Abort Test


Although the Hyperion I rocket is mostly safe, sometimes things can go wrong on the launch pad or during flight. A test of the LES, or launch escape system, is required to make sure the crew can get away from the launch pad and vehicle in a hurry if required.

Mission Report:



The Odysseus capsule sits on the makeshift launch pad with its LES.


Successful abort from the pad, and pitching over to not land back on the launch mount.


LES Jettison and Odysseus's Protective Shroud is deployed as well.


"We have confirmation Drogue Chute Deploy, standby for Main Chute Pull Out and Deploy."


Main chutes are deployed just in the nick of time to prevent from having a hard touchdown on the rough KSC ground.


"Touchdown of the prototype Odysseus capsule, bring an end to a very quick test of the LES from the launch pad."

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THP - Chapter 3: Hyperion I-Y: High Altitude Abort

With the Pad Abort Test done, all that's left before an all-up test of the Hyperion I rocket is a High Altitude Abort Test of the Odysseus spacecraft, for future crew safety purposes. The Hyperion I-Y, a modified Hyperion I prototype with a complete first stage (stability wings) and a dummy second stage (with no engine and full fuel tanks), is rolled out to the main launchpad for its flight to near-space, ready to test out its abort capabilities.

Mission Report:



"We cut to the live footage of the vehicle on the pad, kindly provided by the space agency KASA."


"It looks like the fuel lines for the Hyperion I-Y rocket have retracted, T-minus five minutes until liftoff."


"There appears to be engine ignition of the vehicle, here it goes!"


"There is a liftoff of the Hyperion I-Y vehicle for its high-altitude abort test!"





"We have confirmation from KASA that the vehicle has reached the upper atmosphere, 30 seconds until test."




"From the camera on the capsule, we can see it has reoriented for reentry into the lower atmosphere."


Drogue chute deploy.


Main chute deploy.


"We can see that the space capsule has splashed down into Kerbin's eastern ocean, bringing an end to a successful abort test."

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THP - Chapter 4: Odysseus I


With all of the prototype Hyperion I launches done, the time has come to finally launch the complete vehicle to orbit on Odysseus I mission. As with the prototypes, the first complete Hyperion I is rolled out to the pad, waiting to test all of the systems for the first crewed flight on Odysseus II.

Meanwhile, two kerbals observe the rocket from a short distance. Jebediah Kerman, Kerbin's most experienced (and daredevil) pilot in its astronaut corps, and Bob Kerman, a newbie scientist, chat about the vehicle in front of them. These two kerbals are set to be the first kerbonauts to fly the Hyperion I to orbit, on the next flight.

Mission Report:



Bob: "So, this is the thing that's going to be taking us to orbit in a few days? It's so big."

Jeb: "That's right, she is quite a beast; I can't wait to pilot her on Odysseus II."

Bob: "Let's hope nothing goes wrong on this flight, or any other flights."

Jeb: "I'll cheer to that. Come on, let's go to the KSC tavern."

Bob: "Alright."



Just a few hours later, the tanks of the Hyperion I vehicle are filled up and ready for the first all up test.


"Fuel lines have retracted, go Hyperion, go Odysseus. T-minus five minutes."


"Liftoff, we have a liftoff! Odysseus I has left the pad for an un-crewed all-up test of the vehicle."



"Max-Q of the rocket."





"First stage separation of this new rocket, standby for LES Jettison, as it's unneeded at this point in flight."


"LES is away!"



"Panel Jettison of the Odysseus spacecraft payload has been confirmed, the second stage continues to orbit."




"Engine shutoff. The rocket and its payload are now in orbit for first time!"


"The instruments are reading a nominal orbital insertion."


"Odysseus spacecraft deployed into a circular 80x80km orbit."


"Solar and Communication instruments are deployed to charge the batteries and talk to Mission Control."


On the dark side of the planet, Odysseus performs a engine firing of its main and secondary engines. The reports come back great, and the test is a success!



After a few hours in orbit, Odysseus is instructed by Mission Control to perform a deorbit burn to land somewhere in the Eastern Ocean, a little bit east of the KSC, as the name suggests. 


"We have confirmation that Odysseus has jettisoned its service module and reorienting for reentry into Kerbin's atmosphere."




Drogue Chute Deployment


Main Chute Deployment


"...And splashdown of the Odysseus capsule, bring another end to the successful all-up test of the spacecraft and its launch vehicle."

This mission was harder to upload due to larger amount of images taken for this longer mission. Uploads might be coming less often, because of this reason, just a little FYI.

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Posted (edited)

I got a new TUFX profile (Steven's) because my eyes were starting to bleed from all of the  bright colors of the the previous TUFX Profile, and it was too dark.

On 4/11/2022 at 7:41 AM, Maria Sirona said:



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Nevermind, the r/KSP Discord Server decided that Stevens TUFX is better.
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Posted (edited)

The next episode of the series is taking a while to make, sorry about that. It should come out sometime this week, so stay tuned. 

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If you could like and follow the thread, that would be great, but you don't have to.
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THP - Chapter 5: Odysseus II


After the past successes of the prototypes and test missions, KASA has decided the time has finally come for a crewed flight of the Hyperion I. The two kerbonauts, Jeb and Bob Kerman, introduced in the last chapter, are selected for this first kerballed mission. Like its predecessors, the Hyperion I vehicle for Odysseus II is rolled out to the main launchpad, and the crew prepare to board the spacecraft.

Mission Report:



After riding up the elevator in the launch tower, the crew walk along the crew access arm and board the Odysseus spacecraft.

Bob: "Can't believe the moment has finally come! I'm really excited for this mission!"

Jeb: "Just wait until you actually get in the spacecraft before you say that."


Once settled into the pod, Bob helps Jeb turn on the advanced control systems while the crew access arm is retracted to prepare for launch.


Mission Control: "All systems are go, the fuel lines have retracted. T-minus five minutes, good luck Jeb and Bob up there."

Jeb and Bob: "Thank you Control, we hope this goes off smoothly."


Jeb: "Main engine start, status is nominal and launch is go!"

Bob: "Wooooo!"


Bob: "Tower has been cleared! All systems are still nominal, to space!"





Mission Control: "We see you guys have had a nominal main engine cutoff, trigger the staging button manually if the automatic system fails to do so."

Jeb: "Roger."


Jeb: "The Launch Escape System has been jettisoned!"


Bob: "We are continuing to orbit with the second stage, thrust is nominal and there is no need for caution at the moment."


Spacecraft Panel Jettison




Mission Control: "Engine cutoff. We read you in a nominal orbit of 81x83km around Kerbin, congrats!"

Bob: "Yipee! We're in space!"


Odysseus Payload Deploy


Jeb: "We are pulling away from the second stage to prevent a re-contact with it, standby for instrument deploy."


Communication and Solar Instrument Deploy


Jeb: "We are heading to the dark side of the planet, we'll see you on when we come out from the other side."

Mission Control: "Roger Jeb, we'll see you then."


Bob: "Jeb, I think can see my hometown from here!"

Jeb: "No you can't, it's way too dark to see anything from here."

Bob: "I guess you're right."



The Odysseus spacecraft reorients for reentry into Kerbin's atmosphere after a few more orbits, ready to bring a successful mission to an end.


Bob: "Retro burn! We are coming home Mission Control!"


The Service Module of Odysseus II is jettisoned as the sun comes over the horizon.


Reentry of the Odysseus pod into the atmosphere.



Jeb: "We can see the reentry flames from the window, everything is nominal."


The main chutes of the capsule are deployed, and the crew of Odysseus II have arrived back down to Kerbin in the Eastern Ocean.


Bob: "Splashdown! That trip was a blast, but I certainly am glad to be back home on Kerbin."

Jeb: "Same Bob, although I wish it lasted longer."

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THP - Chapter 6: Odysseus III


With basic testing of the Odysseus spacecraft done, it is time to demonstrate its more advanced capabilities, like EVA'ing kerbals in space and three crew in the pod at a time on Odysseus III. The kerbonauts selected for this mission are Valentina "Val", Kerbin's only female kerbonaut, Denzer, the second bravest pilot (behind Jeb, of course), and Bill, the engineer of the group. The third complete Hyperion I vehicle is rolled to the main launch site while the pads for Mun missions, TSC 39A and TSC 9B are still under construction north of the current VAB.

Mission Report:



The kerbonauts of Odysseus III board the spacecraft after riding up the elevator in the launch tower.

Valentina: "Jeb and Bob, had it good, let's hope we have the same luck."

Bill: "Agreed."


Denzer and Val boot up Odysseus' systems, and wait for launch of the Hyperion I.


Mission Control: "All lines and arms have retracted, have fun up there Val, Denzer, and Bill, we await your return in a day."

Denzer: "Thanks Control, all systems are nominal, we are heading to space today."


Liftoff of the Hyperion I vehicle, for its third launch to deliver the crew of Odysseus to Low Kerbin Orbit.

Bill: "We are flying off the pad!"





Val: "We have reached the upper atmosphere of Kerbin, standby for main engine cutoff and stage separation of the first stage."


Stage Separation


Denzer: "Launch Escape System has been jettisoned! I have a great view of Kerbin currently as we continue to orbit."


Panel Jettison



Bill: "Fuel levels are running low, orbital insertion in ten seconds."


Mission Control: "Engine cutoff, nominal insertion into a circular 78x80km parking orbit, welcome to space crew!


Val: "Odysseus spacecraft separation; goodbye second stage, you have served us well."


As the crew depart from the second stage, the instruments are deployed to gain power and communication with the ground.


As a test of the Odysseus's orbital maneuvering systems, the apoapsis is raised to 100km.


Bill: "We have a relight of the OMS thrusters, inserting into a circular 100x100km orbit of Kerbin."


As mentioned the description of this mission, Denzer will exit the spacecraft through the hatch of the capsule, to test the crew's abilities to egress from the craft for scientific purposes.


Denzer: "I have firm grasp on the handles of the hatch, going to let go now."


Denzer Kerman floats away from the hatch of the spacecraft using his thruster pack on the back of his suit to maneuver next to the Odysseus.


He floats next to and inspects the service module's main and secondary engines, to make sure they are in working order. 


Denzer: "Oh no! I've been hit by a spacecraft head on! Someone call an kambulance!"

Val: "Very funny Denzer, now get back in the hatch."


With its mission objectives done, the Odysseus reorients for reentry, ready to return home to Kerbin.


Bill: "Deorbit burn, we are heading back to Kerbin!"

Mission Control: "We roger Bill."



Reentry of the Odysseus capsule.


Denzer: "Main chutes have deployed, standby for splashdown."


The capsule has splashed down, bringing an end to another successful mission of the Odysseus spacecraft and Hyperion I vehicle.

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THP - Chapter 7, Part I: Hyperion IV-Y


Although the Hyperion I has been through extensive testing (in atmosphere and in space), its bigger brother, Hyperion IV, the cargo launcher of the program, has never been tested through flight. This, however, would change with the mission of Hyperion IV-Y, which is to be an orbital launch of the vehicle with a dummy descent lander stage. The complete rocket is rolled out to the main pad, and prepped for flight.

Mission Report:



Mission Control: "The Hyperion IV rocket is on the pad, fully fueled; t-minus five minutes until launch of its first flight."


Mission Control: "The vehicle has ignition of its four 'Vector' engines, t-minus three seconds!"


Mission Control: "...And liftoff of the Hyperion IV vehicle for an all-up test to Low Kerbin Orbit with a dummy lander stage!"



Max-Q of the vehicle





Mission Control: "We have a nominal engine cutoff of all four engines, standby for stage separation."


Stage Separation


Engine Ignition of the second stage, also known as the "Kerbin Departure Stage".


Mission Control: "From the camera on the stage, we can see the fairing has separated, revealing the dummy lander stage."




Mission Control: "First cutoff of the K.D.S. engine; it will relight for the orbital insertion burn at its apoapsis over Kerbin."  


Orbital insertion of the Kerbin Departure Stage into a circular 100x100km, with the Mun in view.


Mission Control: "With the dummy lander and the KDS in orbit, it will await the arrival of Odysseus IV to test its orbital rendezvous capabilities."

(Posts will be coming more often over the next week because it's spring break for me at the moment)

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8 hours ago, Austin_Kerman said:

Posts will be coming more often over the next week because it's spring break for me at the moment)

Yay! :D

Any news on that lander name?

Also, when loading the page, the pictures loading in causes the part of page i'm into shift. To combat this, can you please put the actual mission report parts (pictures and description, but not necessarily the longer text at the start) in spoilers...


...which are these things, in the future? And preferably aedit already existing ones into spoilers too? Thanks in advance :)


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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

Yay! :D

Any news on that lander name?

Also, when loading the page, the pictures loading in causes the part of page i'm into shift. To combat this, can you please put the actual mission report parts (pictures and description, but not necessarily the longer text at the start) in spoilers...

  Reveal hidden contents

...which are these things, in the future? And preferably aedit already existing ones into spoilers too? Thanks in advance :)


On the lander name, I have three names at the moment: Iliad, Poseidon, and Mockingjay, and I'm still deciding on one, but I should be done in a few days.

On the pictures loading in, I'll make sure to put the future posts in spoilers, thanks for the suggestion. I don't really have problems with pictures loading in, because my computer is pretty fast.

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THP - Chapter 7, Part II: Odysseus IV


With the Hyperion IV-Y's Kerbin Departure Stage in orbit, the time has come to launch Odysseus to it. A few days after the Hyperion IV rocket's launch, Odysseus IV's Hyperion I is rolled out to the pad. The kerbonauts selected for this rendezvous mission are Jeb, Bill, and Bob, also known as the "Legendary Trio" by the kerbals in Mission Control. The crew board the vehicle and prepare for their second launch to Low Kerbin Orbit at sunrise.

Mission Report:



Mission Control: "We've entered the terminal count. This will be the fourth launch of the complete Hyperion I vehicle. Good luck Jeb, Bill, and Bob on your rendezvous mission with Hyperion IV-Y.

Jeb: "Thanks Mission Control, we hope we will be able to complete all mission objectives up there."


Bob: "To space we go, we are off the pad!"




(Now this is screensaver-material right here)


Bill: "Main engine cutoff, stage separation coming up in three seconds."


Jeb: "Separation, we are continuing to orbit!"





Bill: "Nominal second stage engine cutoff. Readings from the instruments report that we are in a circular 78x78km orbit."


The crew boosts away from the empty second stage, and go through checklists before starting the first correction burn to arrive at the first Kerbin Departure Stage.



First engine firing to bring the kerbonauts on a course to intercept Hyperion IV-Y.


Mission Control: "We have confirmation that the crew has killed all relative velocity, and are now approaching the KDS."


Jeb: "We can see the dummy lander stage out the right window, it looks pretty big from right next to it!"


Jeb brings the Odysseus spacecraft closer to the dummy lander, mimicking a future docking approach of the lander's port.



To get the full scientific potential from this visit, Bob is instructed to EVA and inspect the lander and the KDS.

Bob: "I'm letting go of the handles now! This feels really weird without gravity."


Bob: "I can confirm that the descent stage is secured to the KDS, about to float over to the engine bell of the Kerbin Departure Stage."


Bob: "Boy, I sure hope this engine bell doesn't light all of a sudden!

Jeb and Bill: "If you don't stop talking for five seconds, we will make sure that happens."


After Bobs gets back through the hatch, Odysseus IV backs away from the Kerbin Departure Stage and waits a few orbits before performing its deorbit burn.


Bill: "Deorbit Burn, we are coming home Mission Control!"




Jeb: "We can see the reentry flames from the windows!"



Main Chute Deploy


Bob: "Mission Control, the Odysseus IV has splashed down back at Kerbin, we are glad to home!"

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THP - Chapter 8, Part I: Hyperion IV-I


The construction of the two pads, TSC 39A and 39B, is finally done! The first launch from either of these launch sites is a mission part of Odysseus V, which is slated to be the first crewed mission to the Mun since the Adventure Program 45 years ago. The payload, lifted by the Hyperion IV, is a structure made of struts with a docking port on top for an Odysseus spacecraft to join together with. The Kerbin Departure Stage engine of the cargo lifter will then relight, and put the spacecraft on a Munar flyby trajectory.

Mission Report:



The second Hyperion IV sits on the pad at TSC 39A, with its Hyperion I companion on TSC 39B for this dual mission to the Mun.


Mission Control: "There has been ignition of the four 'Vector' engines, three seconds until liftoff of Hyperion IV-I."


Mission Control: "And liftoff of Hyperion IV-I, to be the first mission to the Mun for 45 years."




Mission Control: "Throttle-down of the engines to reduce G-forces on the payload."



Mission Control: "Nominal engine cutoff and stage separation between the Kerbin Departure Stage and the Hyperion IV first stage."



The fairings are separated, revealing the docking structure for this mission inside.



Mission Control: " First Engine cutoff of the KDS, t-minus three minutes until the Kerbin orbital insertion burn."


Engine relight of the single 'Wolfhound' engine to bring the payload into a Low Kerbin Orbit.


Mission Control: "With the KDS and payload in orbit, the next launch in a few hours will be Odysseus V, which will rendezvous, dock and head to the Mun with Hyperion IV-I."

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It has been decided that the name of the Mun lander for the program will be ‘Iliad’.

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I might name the ascent stage ‘Poseidon’ because it came in second place.
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THP - Chapter 8, Part II: Odysseus V


After its bigger brother, the Hyperion IV, having been launched for its rendezvous mission on Hyperion IV-I, the Hyperion I is ready to bring the Odysseus spacecraft up to meet with the docking structure and Kerbin Departure Stage to head to the Mun. The kerbonauts selected for this flyby mission are Denzer, Valentina, and Bill Kerman, who have flown together two times now on previous Kerbin orbit missions. After the sun has set on the horizon of the KSC and TSC 39B, the three crew board the vehicle for the trip of a lifetime to go to where no kerbal has gone in 45 years.

(Note: This part of the chapter is dark in lighting at most times, so sorry about that, a bit of that could not be helped)

Mission Report:



The Hyperion I rocket sits on the pad, three minutes until launch, with lights on the stand lighting the structure. (There are less text explanations during this launch, because you get the drill by now)


Denzer: "Mission Control, we have engine ignition, standby for launch."


Val: "We are away Mission Control, to space we are going!"


Mission Control: "We see you have performed your Roll Program from the pad."

Bill: "Roger Mission Control."








Bill: "Fuel is nominal, we are about to insert into low Kerbin orbit!"



Readings from instruments on the second stage report the engine has cut off, placing the Odysseus spacecraft payload in an elliptical 78x110km orbit to optimize rendezvous with the KDS.


Denzer: "We are leaving the stage behind, we are preparing for the first burn to correct our course to the Kerbin Departure Stage."

Mission Control: "Roger."


Correction Burn of the Odysseus' trajectory.


The KDS is in view in the distance, behind the spacecraft.


Val:"Fuel levels are nominal for the mission, we are go for delta V for the approach to the target."


Denzer: "We can see the Kerbin Departure Stage through the EVA headlight of the spacecraft, are we go to start the docking approach?"

Mission Control: "Yes Denzer, you are go."



The crew use the advanced systems of the Odysseus to dock to the structure.


Val: "Capture!"

Bill: "Alright then, let's get started on preparing this beast of a stage for Trans-Munar Injection."



Mission Control: "All systems are go; crew, you are go for TMI."

Val: "R-roger Mission Control, T-minus ten seconds until engine ignition. Five, four, three, two, one...!"


Denzer: "Ignition!"


A couple minutes later, the engine of the stage is shut down after the burn to the Mun is completed.


Correction Burn of the stack's path past the Mun on a free-return trajectory.


Bill: "Kerbin is retracting into the distance, while the Mun only gets bigger and bigger; we are almost there."


The stack enters the Mun's sphere of influence, and the crew anxiously waits until they cross into the Mun's shadow.


Mission Control: "Alright, Bill, we're going to have you EVA from the spacecraft while you guys are in the Mun's shadow and protected from Kerbol's rays to inspect the KDS and the docking structure to make sure nothing is damaged."

Bill: "Okay, Mission Control, if you say so; suiting up now."


Bill: "I don't even need to have my visor down because there is no sun to block anymore here!"


Bill: "I'm amazed that the place I call home is so small from here, really makes you think about kerbalkind's existence, huh." (Totally not a shortened knockoff of N9 Gaming's speech in 'For All Kerbalkind' during his Moon flyby)


Bill inspects the Kerbin Departure Stage and the docking structure, but finds nothing is damaged or broken.

Bill: "Okay, everything looks good here, time to return to Odysseus' EVA hatch."



A few minutes after Bill gets himself back through the hatch, the stack emerges from the other side of the Mun's shadow, and begins the journey back home.


A Couple Days Later...

Denzer: "Let's go over the final checks before separation and reentry."

Mission Control: "We can see from the readings and reports from the spacecraft and KDS that you are go for undocking."

Valentina: "Alright Mission Control, we roger, go for undocking."


Bill: "Separation, t-minus ten minutes until reentry into Kerbin's atmosphere."


The Kerbin Departure Stage performs a burn to get out of the way of the capsule during reentry and to make sure it is destroyed fully.



Denzer: "Reentry is nominal, we are coming back home down to Kerbin through the atmospheric flames!"



(The capsule actually comes really close to the KSC after reentry through sheer luck)


Main parachute deploy.


Val: "Mission Control, we are back home after an amazing flight around the Mun. We thank everyone who has helped prepare this mission (Including you guys, the viewers) and we hope we have paved the way for kerbalkind's return to the surface of the Mun. Thank you, and good night."


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3 hours ago, Austin_Kerman said:

Bill: "I'm amazed that the place I call home is so small from here, really makes you think about kerbalkind's existence, huh." (Totally not a shortened knockoff of N9 Gaming's speech in 'For All Kerbalkind' during his Moon flyby)


Yeah, totally not :D

13 hours ago, Austin_Kerman said:

It has been decided that the name of the Mun lander for the program will be ‘Iliad’.




Also, thanks for putting the pics in spoilers. It really helps, thank you :D

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THP - Interlude I


(This is basically a lore post, just to clear up some things about the story if you were confused at all. I might update this interlude more later if required)

Forty-five years ago, the Adventure Program and the agency KASA were created by the several nations of Kerbin to explore space and set up kerbalkind's continuous presence in the final frontier. The small KSC was built on a peninsula around the equator, a few launch sites were constructed, and the rocket made for the Mun, the Sarnus IV, was designed. The acme of the program was when Neil A. Kerman became the first kerbal to walk on the Mun on Adventure XI with this rocket, after a few years of hard work by these nations. This mission was followed by a few other increasingly ambitious missions until everything went to hell. A few of the Kerbin countries in the space union declared war on the others for petty reasons, starting a world war, lasting nearly half a decade. By the end of it, only a few of the other nations remained, which they all formed a coalition with each other to survive. The conditions of Kerbin started to improve again, with a weakened and underfunded KASA only being able to send small, simplistic probes to the neighboring planets of Kerbin, but it would be years until kerbals would be able to go to space again with the limited amount of resources, until the Hyperion Program, almost half a century after the Adventure Program collapsed.

With the help of Werner Von Kerman, a veteran scientist from the Adventure Program, and the few engineers at KASA going on strike, the nations in the coalition and the president of Kerbin were able to build up enough resources for another space program, the Hyperion Program, and to at last go back to space. The five kerbonauts that KASA had been able to keep in their darker years were Jebediah, Bill, Bob, Valentina, and Denzer Kerman, with hope to gain more with larger funding. These kerbonauts are the kerbals that KASA plans to send back to the surface of the Mun and beyond, to the nearby planets of the Kerbolar System.

The vehicles that the engineers had designed for the Hyperion Program were able to be upgraded in the long run to increase reusability and payloads of the rockets, and enable longer stays on the celestial bodies that the kerbal species plans to visit. For example, the 'Iliad' Mun lander of the program was made to be upgraded to fit more kerbals inside, from two to three, and to deliver bigger payloads to the surface of the Mun. The engineers hope these upgrades will allow kerbalkind to expand out into the solar system permanently, after the premature end of the Adventure Program.

(I hope this interlude was able to explain some backstory and the future the Hyperion Program, and make sure to ask any questions if you have any)

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