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The New Munar transportation gateway, part of my fully reusable tourism architecture along with the Kerbin Kroozer MK1(left) and the munsperience lander 1 (right)

Gateway can house 18 kerbals, including a research lab

Approx 5000units lf/ox, can only be resupplied from kerbin at the moment as I haven't unlocked drills or isru in this career yet.

under 100 parts once the tugs are dropped.

Kerbin Kroozer is still being tested, Gets from 150x150 kerbin orbit to 150x150 mun orbit with roughly 1/8 tank to spare, will be trying the return trip tonight, will most likely create a mk2 variant with more tankage for ease of use, don't really want to be aerobraking too much. Transports six kerbals in style!

Munsperience Lander One is based off my faithful multipurpose lander just replaces chutes for rcs and docking the extra fuel tank is felt over from the booseter that got it there, still plenty of fuel in there, don't want is to go to waste just yet! but it easily does the landing and return off the one tank, hell it'll get back to kerbin if needs be, or multiple hops on the mun.

I'll post the rest of the architecture once its all fully up and running.

Reusable tourism from the surface of Kerbin out to the surface of mun/minmus and back is the end goal, and hopefully all whilst looking good and a low part count!

All stock (ps4)


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I made a single-launch interplanetary space station that can safely get a crew to Eve or Duna. Though it took some extra launches to gas it up before each launch window opened, it managed to get to their destinations and achieve orbit.



It can hold up to 7 Kerbals at a time - 1 viewing cupola, 1 lab, 1 hitchhiker - 20,000 units of both liquid fuel and oxygen, 300 units of monopropellant, and 8750 electric charge. It can not only gain a lot of science data from the on-board instruments, but it's relay antennae are powerful enough to reach across the entire Kerbol system. The lander you see attached to the station was launched separately from the station in the fleet to Duna. The extra tanks of liquid fuel are also used to gas up any nuclear-powered craft that come by, like the craft I sent to take the crew back home.


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I soon realized there was a coding issue with my previous single-launch interplanetary space station, that I named the U.S.S. Enterprise (after the famous ship from Star Trek), that resulted in a complete career crash. Though I still had the craft file for it, I decided not to use it again.


I then redesigned the ship from scratch and launched the new class , the U.S.S. Defiant, into low Kerbin orbit. After seeing it achieve stable orbit and the amount of Delta-V it has left, I gotta say that I'm amazed.




Sure, it may be more expensive than the Enterprise-class stations (Enterprise~750K while Defiant~1M), but consider the advantages it also carries.

  • Over 30k of both Ox and Fuel ALREADY LOADED into the ship by the time orbit is achieved - as well as ~700 monopropellant (I used some during ascent)
    • Which means that I can save lots of money on refueling trips.
    • My parents told me "Don't get something because it's cheap, get it because it works." Though this ship is more expensive than the Enterprise, I won't have to spend even more money on fuel-tanking vessels - if you do the math, (1 Enterprise + 2 to 3 Fuel-loaded Mun landers ) > 1 Defiant
  • Many docking ports available, including ones for the Mk. 1 ships that swing by.
    • Whenever I need to dock with the Defiant for refueling/crew transfer, or if I decide to expand it later.
  • Looks WAY more stable than the Enterprise - not so spread out (check my last space station post)
  • Still carries 7 Kerbals, a lab, and a lot of science.


What do you think? Judging by the image, do I have enough Delta-V to go interplanetary (I think I do at 4216 m/s in reserve, but just want to be sure). If so, what planets do you think I CAN and CANNOT go to?

  • And I do NOT plan on returning the Defiant back home - that's for another ship.

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