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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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Lost all my files, Ill need to make a new station. Unsure what to name it though. I want the name to be KSS something...


Any suggestions?


EDIT: Ive been looking at some names for space stations, and I saw 'Station Spacebound' So im probably going to name it KSS Spacebound.

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Wouldn't call my design a station, but the concept is similar. My cargo SSTO, in my private save at least, always has a payload. When not docked to a proper station, there is a Spacelab-like module, although instead of sitting in the cargo bay, generally does a bit of maneuvering to dock to the nosecone. The crew of four has just enough space in the habitation module, plenty of experiments, and a small science module. My SSTO generally acts as a remote communications center, since I have RemoteTech installed, and when maneuvering, the module is almost always unmanned. Will post pictures later.

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Well I'm doing a stock ISS construction in one of my saves. The only non-stock part is welding base parts to reduce part count for construction itself. I created a stock Shuttle with a working Canadarm (also fully stock - heavily inspired by @sgt_flyer and @selfish_meme with their ISS construction vids). I've gotten through STS-97; installing the P6 solar array truss on the Z1 truss. I'm in the middle of redesigning my truss assembly and redoing my Destiny lab module before I launch STS-98.



Album with more construction pics here: https://imgur.com/a/YdL1T I don't really have any screenshots from the 2 Russian modules (but did make stock Proton-K rockets) or from when I launched the Unity module, so it starts with an older test-fit of the Integrated Truss Assembly. I'll have a moving MBS as well. The ITS shown in the first image is unwelded, and is nearly 1800 parts (partially those solar arrays with the mini cubic struts for the aesthetic).

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I was clicking about on this thing the other night, when I realized that the batteries were draining during the day.  So I spun around, and was greeted by this!


(non-crappy non-FB compressed pic when I get home)

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Preparing to launch the first module of my space station, the EKMSS (Eillorf Kerman Memorial Space Station) tomorrow. Most of the station will be launched by my reusable Shuttle. I'll get screenshots of each module and eventually a pic of the whole station together. I drew a sketch of the completed station (on paper) but here is a list of my currently planned modules:
-Core module (cupola, storage, science lab for fun)

-Docking module A (5 docking ports, 1 for the Shuttle Docking Adapter)

-Docking module B (as above)

-Truss segment A (solar panels, batteries)

-Truss segment B (as above)

-SDA (Shuttle Docking Adapter) A (extended docking port for Space Shuttle docking)

-SDA B (as above)

-Refueller Module A (monoprop and LFO storage)

-Refueller Module B (as above)

-Storage Module (main KIS storage)

-Airlock (main Kerbal EVA exit)

-2 RCS manipulator tugs for moving payloads around the station

Launch of the station is T- about a day.


it's a sandbox save, sorry:rolleyes:


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This monstrosity is my Terrato Space Station.  Obviously inspired by ISS and intended to be a science and tourist station, spaceport for moving tourists out to Mun and Minmus plus basic refueling capabilty.  Using HabTech, Station Science, Tantares, Nehemiah Orbital Science and life support from USI she has become so large that I cannot keep the tourist buses on site and still interact with her to transfer the crews.  My PC just isn't having it.  Spaceport duties have since been moved to another station.



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Well I've finally had time to try out 1.4 but haven't managed to install any mods yet. So here is my tester '2-Launch Tended Station":



Bob inspects the 2LTS after deployment of the large solar panels



Full profile of the 2LTS (left to right): 
Maneuvering Tug/Life-Boat, 
Blok 2 - Utility Truss with main Solar Arrays and Secondary Comms, Fuel Tanks, Command Hab
Blok 1 - Crew access with Main Comms and Secondary Solar Arrays, Main Batteries, Crew Hab
Crew Vehicle seating 3, Service Module with propulsion


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On 24. 2. 2018 at 4:28 PM, overkill13 said:

This monstrosity is my Terrato Space Station.  Obviously inspired by ISS…

More then ISS, the "slap solar everywhere" engineering reminds me of good ol' Mir.

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Here's Duna Station, made from mid-tier parts. It's stock, but with the parts from the new expansion set :)
To build it, I had 4 launches with slightly different transfer orbits to they would arrive at Duna about 4 days apart. It was a lot of fun! Now let's see how I can explore ALL the science in the Duna system <3 
Album HBhOkKh will appear when post is submitted
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Here's a space station I just completed:



There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that there is no assembly required! The entire station can be downloaded here
The bad news is that there's no way of getting the darn kraken bait into orbit without cheats.

All things considered, I think it looks cool despite being completely useless.

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After version 1.4 dropped, I stopped playing my main science mode save (for now) because I wasn't too sure if the update would mess up all the progress I've made in that save. So, I did the next best thing: I made a new sandbox save to do some productive KSP playing until I know if I can play my science save with 1.4 and beyond. Along with sending three rescue missions for ONE stranded Mun lander and creating some prototype "Everywhere Vessels", I started creating a space station creatively named Station One. So far it's by far my largest space station I've ever made in the game and looks a lot like a Jool-5 mothership, minus the engines and the various landing craft. Actually, now that I think of it, Station One reminds me a lot of those CR90 and Hammerhead corvettes from Star Wars.


The station has a few main modules: the power module (with the big orange tank and all those solar panels), the docking modules (the ones that are essentially just six of the 2.5m docking ports), and the core module (made up of the science lab and the hitchhiker crew module). Two ore/fuel reserves were added to one of the docking modules...after like an hour of failed attempts. Because of the way those docking ports are set up, it's VERY easy for an incoming ship arriving at an angle to get thrown away from the station by the magnetic forces of the Docking Port Sr. Extremely annoying. That additional craft is a little "moon hopper" that Jeb brought up. Soon, I will be adding some escape pods, a larger habitation module, and a cargo transport to the station.

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Two stations for your enjoyment.  Here's Eta station, which is actually currently around Thalia in high orbit:


Has two large craft docked to it, an interplanetary crew transport and a Karborundum miner which lands on Thalia.

The other station is Parkehnrhyde ("Park n Ride") in medium Gael orbit.  With two of the smaller 2.5m centrifuges from SSPXr, it has a surprising amount of habitation time.


Proud of the fact that this one comes in at only 29 parts, so lag isn't bad at all.

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This is my new Mun Station, but still got to do some more work. I still need the add a lander and Ore converter.


And here's my Career Science/Contract station. From left to right we have the lander, Main Station, fuel storage for lander, contracted module to expand station.


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