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Well I am "new" again to KSP. Have to re-learn everything. Took me 3 days and tons of addons/trial and error, espacially fixing my builds with KAS/KIS (adding clamp-o Tron etc).

But here is my new Space Station with Greenhouse (yeah, using TC-LS Mod), lots of container which contains tools, parts etc.

Next step is to re-arrange the Solar Panels which clip into other parts of the station. And add some more station parts (I have 3 more Senior Docking Ports, the small ones are only for ships). I want that super huge rotating station part :D

I just need to figure how to control the station. How to make it stable. I don't think RCS is the solution. But I have no idea where to put the SAS Modules.








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Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum, though this thread has been a great source of inspiration to me for some time.

I'd like to show you guys my first station in orbit around the Mun, obviously heavily inspired by NASA's Gateway. This is in career mode btw, with about 60% of the Tech Tree unlocked.







It's currently in an 100km equatorial orbit and consists of a docking module, a service module with science experiments and storage, a command/hab module, a science module and a propulsion module. So technically not a station since it can move. You can see two utility spacecraft docked to the station which helped constructing it. They are 'creatively' named Dragons, and one of them delivered three Kerbals to the station recently. :D

Mods used:

  • Habtech 2
  • Stockalike Station Parts Redux
  • SSTU
  • Near Future Spacecraft
  • Near Future Electrical
  • Surface Mounted Lights

Looking forward to seeing more designs in here!


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I’m currently working on a Space Hotel in 130km Kerbin orbit. It is still FAR from completion, but I might post a few progress updates here.

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This little guy's going to Jool: BAK deep-space station Alexei Leonov.


Modules in the picture:

Top -- TANTOR-V, the ore miner / tanker that will supply the station from Vall.

Below -- ISRU and fuel reserve. It's fully controlled with action groups and has neat indicator lights that light up the radiator panels depending on what it's doing (white = Lf+Ox, amber = monoprop, red = Lf, green = Ox). It's powered by fuel cells in the Mk 2 utility bay, because ... well, it's going to Jool. The chief engineers' and pilots' habitation module are below the fuel tank.

Centre -- Station hub, providing access to all of the modules. It contains a Mk 1 command pod, a set of reaction wheels, and a set of RTGs for base operating power.

Left -- Command module with a view to the docking module, 100G relay dish. Next to it is the station commander's and scientists' habitation module. 

Right -- Science module. MPL, science pack, orbital resource scanner. The latter will be used to scan Vall for a suitable mining spot.

Bottom -- Dock module, with Vall lander docked to it. It has two standard-size docking ports with generous clearance, and three Jrs. It is floodlit from the command and science modules for easier nighttime manoeuvres.

Undocked, right -- Minnow SSTO. She's going to Laythe.

Undocked, left -- Orca deep-space tug and crew return module, with habitation space for four. She will dock with Minnow and the pair will fly to Jool together, but separately from Alexei Leonov.

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