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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here


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mining platform ANTARES


Max Crew : 51
Dimensions: Height: 31.6 // Wide: 31.4 // Lenght: 55.0 // Mass: 661.841 t

Life Support Payload:
Food: 7,536.89 // Water: 9,896.84 // Waste: 5,257.12 // Oxigen: 1'900,705.19 // WasteWater: 7,891.60 // Electric charge: 140,668.54 // CarbonDioxide: 757,410.13

Payload ORE: 67,200

Other Features:(4) Mining detachable (drilling) probes WASP // (4) Ore Tanks detachable with built-in RCS // (2) Main Quarters with Artificial gravity + Thrusters gravity // (2) GreenHouses // (2) WaterPlants // (1) science Lab


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Here's my Kerbin space station from my current career:


This is mostly used as a transfer point between Kerbin SSTOs and Mun/Minmus transfer vehicles, so it is not permanently crewed. In the future I plan to expand it so that it can receive interplanetary transfer vehicles as well. There are three vehicles docked to the station in this image:

  • Top is a Kerbin System Transfer Vehicle (KSTV) used to shuttle Kerbals to and from Kerbin's moons
  • Middle is a nuclear tug, used for shuttling large payloads around
  • Bottom is a crew transfer SSTO, with a capacity of 3 kerbals

I also have a Munar space station, which has a similar purpose to the Kerbin one - act as a transfer point. Sadly the only image I have of it is when it was being inserted into Munar orbit by a tug (in fact, the same tug shown in the image above).


This station has two propellant tanks attached to it for refuelling reusable landers, which can be used for surface sorties and crew transfers for my eventual Mun base.

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After 11 hours of building, Skylab I is now complete! It comes with a fully detailed interior, an accurate exterior, and almost 3200 parts in total. It represents one of my most part-dense creations I have made, with 3000 parts filling the space of a mere S-IVB stage. 


Here, the Apollo Telescope Mount can be seen. Skylab would represent the final use of the mighty Saturn V rocket for use in space exploration. Interestingly, a lack of space launch systems available to the US at the time led to the eventual fall and death of Skylab, with the Shuttle Program unable to reach Skylab, before its eventual de-orbiting. Another interesting note, is that funding for the Shuttle program started all the may back during the Apollo program (with The President himself announcing to the astronauts on the moon that funding had been allocated for the STS program)


I wasn't bluffing when I said "Fully Detailed"

The interior is likely one the coolest things I have made in KSP, ever. Awabncz.png

And yes, that indeed is a fully detailed exercise bike

Almost every detail of note is replicated on the "first" floor. The doorway on the right leads to the Wardroom, where there s a large window, from which the crew operating the station could peer onto the earth below


The first floor is home to most of the switchboard equipment, and also some storage components, and the all important "Cuckoon" shower.


"Room to work, to live, to park the taxi"











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83ciiYb.pngMy first career mode space station, creativily named the Lunar Gateway. Built both to-contract and for science! I skipped an LKO station for the time being, since it wouldn't have much use.

The Munar gateway consists of two modules. The first one is by far the largest, including the cupola, science lab, service bay, and docking... wings? Let's go with wings. The second one included just the ring segment (from the more station parts mod?) and it's attached solar panels, partially because it looked cool and partially because I needed more crew space to fulfill the aforementioned contact.

The station has a mostly circular equatorial 50km orbit, assembled with two launches of my standard "Kerbal V" lifter. Every Munar mission after this station's construction has stopped by to offload scientific data before transferring back to Kerbin.


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I have four space station in my main stock career.

this one is the Munar Gateway, and the ring rotates for some "gravity". in this pic, it has a few other ships docked to it. built because i just wanted a station around the Mun

the next space station is quite big, 80m wide!

the mega asteroid station, designed to hold up to four class E asteroids, it could probably hold four class h comets, but this is mainly a refueling station, 1000km orbit around Kerbin, the asteroid is completely drained of all its ore after refueling a gigantic spaceship. build because i needed a massive refueling depot for gargantuan stock ships that have to be launched empty


the next two are much smaller.

the Eeloo station, its currently in LKO, it will go along with the rest of the fleet of ships. to Jool, where it will stay, then it will go to Eeloo.
now that i think about it, the Eeloo station may be a little small, as it could probably fit inside of the massive colonial ship, but there wont be many kerbals at Eeloo


The Dres station is, around the mythical place of Dres. quite small,  has a large solar array that tries to point towards the sun.


the dres station was built for a contract

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That's the Space Bar (official designation is the Gateway Plexe). A place at the edge of Kerbin SOI where crew and craft can wait for transfer window (instead of just sitting in LKO in space waiting hundred of days). Rings, counter rotating rings, all stock (the tail part will probably be upgraded at some point, when I got more interesting tech).

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Minmus Station 2, a small refueling outpost in orbit around, you guessed it, Minmus. It's made up of 14 modules, 12 fuel tanks, the core module, and an extension module because I put too little space in between the docking ports on the bottom set of docking ports.



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I've built quite a few stations over the years, but these are probably my three favourites.


Grand orbital space station challenge

I made this one called KOSTAR for this challenge and as has become a bit of a theme with my stations, it housed a number of micro craft for a bit of kerbal joy riding. The little things could just about make a trip to and from the Mun surface. As the challenge had the requirement that all crew could be returned safely to Kerbin, the four arms could detach, fly back, re-enter and then parachute to safety.




Even made a documentary style video about it.


Space Hotel Challenge

Another challenge entry, this time for one n Kerbin orbit.






This was the result of one of those "it's Saturday afternoon, what can I throw together in the next few hours" moments. A somewhat Skylab looking contraption. Once launched on a Saturn V type launcher, it required a little assembly (attaching the 2 solar panel "wings") in orbit by a robotic helper. With the station complete a crew visited in a vaguely S IV-B launched vehicle.




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I like building Gateway (or get away) station. They make more sense to me than just parking your mission into LKO and wait for a transfer window. Also, they allow for logistics in the orbital body sphere of influence to actually have a purpose. And they provide crew with R&R space while waiting for those transfer window to open.

I tend to build them as far as I can in the SOI, it allows me to leave the SOI with full tanks (which allows for smaller crafts being sent into orbits, or to send them with empty tanks).

So, I give you the Gateway Plexe (but kool kerbals calls it the Space Bar)


There's four rings (the big MK2 one is the last addition, the middle module have three rings: one double decked one, with the engines used to move the station there, on smaller inside the double decked one, and one built out of LfOx tanks to helps with stability).


The arms are firmly docked on a Class D asteroid, and the long docking spar is tailored for my fuel tankers to double dock on it.

The engineering reports says it's only 44m long, and weight 244 T. Part count is as 699 (+1 for the asteroid :D).

It is quite stable, but warping out close to the station requires to stop the rings, actively use SAS to counter the asteroid rotation, disabling SAS and wait a bit for the station to be stable enough before starting the rings again.

Those rings are Servo based. Because they're easier to controll with the KAL-1000 I guess, but I need to tune the damping on them (if there's such a thing), or try out the rotors (but 5rpm seems fast).

Kerbal-X link for this beauty : https://kerbalx.com/okhin/Gateway-Plexe


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Sooooo.... Something probably a bit over engineered. It's a hallowed station, built around 5m structural tubes, and I still need to figures out how to send it to space.

There's a pair of rings, rotating around the structural tubes. Meaning a lot of high power rotor and grip pads are involved, but it's quite stable (at least, until the remains of the two decouplers are crushed into explosions by said rotors). There's even iris door at each ends, and I need to figure out some docking port arrangement inside the tube.

Building such hollow station is a bit weird (you can't just stack modules), but I think it looks a bit interesting. The part count is high though (946 parts) I need to work on reducing that.

There's a kerbal X around here : https://kerbalx.com/okhin/Hollow-ring-station


The iris is not a real full mechanical one, it's just triangle shaped panel stuck on 6 servos. Not sure if the mechanics needed for a functional iris (as is done in a camera for instance) can be easily done in KSP (can't do loops).

I'll probably work on some sub assemblies to make it easier to build 5m hollow station (well, they're wider than 5m obviously). I'm not sure either about the look of the iris module. Maybe I'll hide them away in MK2 Bays.

But I think I should focus on reducing the part count first. There's probably no need for that many rotors. Or for that many abuse of 8+ symmetry.

And of course, there's was no hatch available for Val to EVA. Need to fix that too.

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I've reduced the over engineering. Two sets of four rotors are doing fine, no need for all those rotors. I've also tried to align the rings a bit more, gave those rings some power and a probe core (since their fate is to become autonomous ships interlocked in another), worked on my part count and improved the appearance of it. Ended up with 4 subassemblies that I can slam together to build a big space station. I'm still missing some (docking station for docking smaller craft, like Saturn V, in it; a docking ring, to dock two parts of the same hollow station; RCS module which won't be based on monoprop), but it make sthings easier. I now need to figure out a launch vehicle for that. I'm a little worried about those big rings in an atmospheric context, but that's a story for another day I guess.

The Kerbal X is up to date.

And some screenshots




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