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SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

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Originally just a lab with solar panels to farm science in my career save, but I upgraded it to be able to mine asteroids and convert it to fuel. Unfortunately I barely break even with the fuel needed to get the asteroid to the station in the first place so I'll probably disassemble it. I have not tried towing a D class asteroid yet though, maybe that will allow me to break even; any thoughts on that? Or would it be just a lot easier to mine on Minmus and have some craft deliver the fuel mined on the surface to Minmus orbit to refuel other ships


The craft with a bunch of nuclear engines is the asteroid tug in case anyone is wondering



This image below is from when I was adding an additional ISRU module to the station (with a smaller asteroid being mined as well)


The station is named "Wet Sandwich Station" , honestly I don't remember how I came up with that but I like it :P

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